Genshin Impact: Hu Tao’s Birthday Rewards

Once an in-game character’s birthday approaches, Genshin Impact has a ritual of rewarding gamers with presents, and Hu Tao’s birthday is here! Game rs will receive some unique bonuses from the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, as well as a handwritten note to read.

Happy Birthday, Hu Tao!

  • Hu Tao’s day of birth is July 15th, and when that date arrives in their time zone, gamers will have access to a special note from Hu Tao.
  • The Ghostly March, Hu Tao’s specialty cuisine, will be included with this gift, along with 10 Violetgrass. The food will restore an extra 550 HP while also reviving a character with 15% of their maximum HP.
  • Hu Tao has written the player a note that includes poetry! As well as an invitation to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Hu Tao followers will surely adore this letter from the widely known persona.

Followers of Hu Tao are wishing her well on her special day! They are also sending greetings to her on social networks to commemorate this significant day in the Genshin Impact universe. Gamers who appreciate the Genshin Impact culture can join in by wishing Hu Tao a happy birthday on their preferred social networking site. Hu Tao has a large fandom, so many gamers are joining in to help to spread the love.

Wangsheng Uneral Parlor Director

  • Hu Tao is the director of Liyue’s Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, where she oversees funerals and other ceremonies. If you’ve finished her story journey, Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away, you’ll be accustomed to her!
  • Hu Tao is a fascinating and lovable character who enjoys jokes and literature, and gamers can learn a great deal about her from her life narrative and voice lines. If you like Hu Tao, you’ll enjoy her birthday letter because such notes usually include some additional bits about the character.

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