Genshin Impact: Who Is Archon Baal?

The 2.0 release for Genshin Impact will transport gamers to the Inazuma region, which is controlled by Archon Baal. The area is an imperialistic state. It has strict guidelines that keep residents enslaved and locked inside its territory. Except for a specific NPC who managed to flee from Inazuma to Liyue, there’d been hardly any knowledge on the mysterious region leading up to this patch. While Genshin 2.0 narrative preview teased some more detailed information about Inazuma’s governance, Archon Baal’s motivations as Raiden Shogun of the Inazuman remain a secret.

Archon Baal and the Inazuma Region

  • The Nation of Eternity (Inazuma), is under the control of Baal, one of the seven gods who reign over Teyvat. Her position as Raiden Shogun establishes her in a position of undeniable strength. This allows her to freely impose rules and restraints all across the land. She does this to control Inazuma and its people.
  • Baal has also achieved success in banishing Inazuma’s spirits to the forest lands. It surely expresses her paranoia and frustration to keep absolute control over her domain.
  • The latest intervention of Archon Baal is the suppression of her citizens’ Visions. When a god acknowledges a mortal’s good deeds, they will award you with Visions. These Visions bestow incredible abilities on Genshin characters. Ultimately posing a serious risk to Baal’s reign of terror in the Inazuma territory.

  • Taking away one’s Visions leaves the casualty with such “emptiness,” ultimately depriving them of their desires. Although Baal’s story in the teaser for “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia” confirms that she is aware of this, she shows no regrets.

Civil War

As a result of her behavior, a rebellion has developed in the Inazuma region. It successfully plunging the region into civil war. Civilians of Inazuma who have had their Visions taken or who fear having their Visions taken by the Raiden Shogun’s selfishness make up the resistance.

Archon Baal has deployed her own armed units to put down the uprising, presumably in order to reclaim complete control of Inazuma and collect more Visions to achieve her objectives. Those who oppose her, the so-called “Enemies of the Eternal,” stand in the way of Baal’s plans to seek an immortal soul. Baal’s continual repressions of her own citizens point to a greater hell that will be hard to overcome.

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