Genshin Impact: Dust of Azoth, How To Get

The numerous colored jewels acquired from Quests and Boss confrontations are among the most important materials necessary to advance characters in Genshin Impact. While bosses can be used to grind needed gem hues, gamers often end up with an excess of one color type. Thanks to Dust of Azoth, miHoYo has aimed to address this matter for Genshin gamers!

Among the most common problems Genshin gamers face is that they have most of the boss components they need to ascend a character. However, they are lacking on gem fragments. This problem is addressed in Dust of Azoth! It grants gamers to transform unwanted gem fragments of a particular color to the needed one.

Dust of Azoth

  • Whatever alchemy station in the game could be used to employ Dust of Azoth. The conversion menu can be found on the alchemy station.
  • Gamers can pick any gemstone they need for character advancement by scrolling down the conversion menu. You will see that when you select a specific gem, a different color is automatically paired with it.

How To Get

The process of obtaining Dust of Azoth is one of the more perplexing parts of the conversion system for gamers. This item is not conveniently acquired unlike many other components in the game.

  • METHOD 1: The dust can be obtained using one of two methods. The item can be purchased in two ways. The first is through Paimon’s Bargains in the shop button.
  • Choose the Starglitter Exchange section. A pile of 10 Dust of Azoth could be bought for 5 masterless star glitter. Because masterless star glitter can only be acquired through Genshin’s wishing system, we suggest using them sparingly.

  • METHOD 2: The limited-time event shops are the second way to acquire Dust of Azoth. It had been made accessible for acquisition across all latest event shops, though it may not be a constant way to buy the item. Gamers may garner event currency and then splurge it in an event-specific shop filled with a wide range of items during each of these activities.

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