Genshin Impact: Housing System and Gardening Guide, Patch 2.0 Changes

The 21st of July will be a big day for all Genshin Impact fans. There will be new baddies to defeat, a new nation to discover, mysteries to solve, a housing system, new powers to use, and new characters in this update!

The Inazuma Islands are sure to be a lot of fun that players have been looking forward to for a long time, and even more so now that the Traveler has acquired the Electro skill. In addition to the Inazuma islands, Genshin’s Serenitea Pot housing system is getting upgraded.

The New Addition

  • Gardening is the new addition to the housing system. Gamers can now cultivate multiple kinds of plants in their Teapot residences, each containing particular plants which can only be grown in those specific soil types.
  • There’s also a new element named the Sub-Space Waypoint that allows gamers to travel around their housing plots; even so, if there are too many waypoints, Tubby’s housekeeping will adjust. Trees may start to float, housing items may shift, and hills and boulders may start to swirl!

Gardening Features

Gamers must first finish a world mission called “The Art of Horticulture” by achieving Reputation level 3 in Inazuma before they can start gardening. You will be able to use the Seed Dispensary after this has been accomplished.

When the Dispensary is fully stocked, gamers will be able to collect plant seeds from Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. When you have collected enough seedlings, you can plant them in the plot of your choice. Seeds can also be bought with Realm Currency if you have gained them at least once from the Seed Dispensary.

When the gamer has obtained the seedlings they want to cultivate, they must access their Serenitea Pot home and pick the appropriate plot for each seed. As per miHoYo, there are 3 kinds of plots available to buy, one for each series of crops:




Jueyun Chili
Sweet Flower
Slamm Lamp Grass

Windwheel Aster
Glaze Lily
Silk Flower

Calla Lily
Sea Genoderma
Lotus Head

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