Genshin Impact: Stormterror Dvalin, How To Defeat

Stormterror Dvalin is among the boss creatures in Genshin Impact, and he is undeniably the most magnificent of them all. He is a colossal dragon who hovers above Mondstadt’s skies and is one of Venti’s dearest friends. Get to know all the details below!

Dragon of the East

Dvalin, the Dragon of the East, used to be one of Mondstadt’s Four Winds. It was tainted by Abyssal sickness hundreds of years ago. The anguish and misery caused it to lose its consciousness. The Traveler and their companions must stand up against Dvalin, who has taken the name Stormterror and brutalizes Mondstadt in the Archon Quest Prologue.

  • In Genshin Impact, you’ll meet Dvalin right at the start of your adventure. It’s up to the Traveler to work with Venti, Jean, and Diluc to rid Dvalin’s vessels of the venom.
  • The Dvalin boss battle takes place at the final moment of Prologue: Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom, and it will be the game’s first boss battle. Venti will be a free character you may employ during the boss fight once the mission is unlocked at Adventure Rank 18.

How To Defeat

  • You must first target Dvalin’s body, breaking his defense and causing him to crumble, before attacking the Tainted Blood clot on his head.
  • When Dvalin utilizes his Dragon Breath, it is the ideal moment to attack his defense.
  • Dvalin reaches the platform and lets out a strong puff in the position your character was standing. Begin on one corner of the platform, then dash to the opposite direction to evade Dvalin’s breath and strike his claw from that side.

  • You could choose to strike Dvalin’s Tainted Blood clot with charged assaults from long range or jump onto Dvalin and strike it with a close combat character once he falls down.
  • Dvalin will send energy raining down from the sky on a regular basis, contaminating the platform the character is standing on as well as nearby areas. Standing on tarnished platforms will cause your character to take damage consistently, so use the air currents on either end of the arena to move to untarnished areas.

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