Genshin Impact: Kamisato Ayaka, All You Need To Know

The Inazuma 2.0 patch for Genshin Impact is coming tomorrow, and to keep the excitement going, Genshin Impact has introduced a new Character Demo for Kamisato Ayaka. Kamisato Ayaka demonstrated some of her storylines with her mom and her relationship with Thoma in the character preview.

Who is Thoma?

  • Thoma is seemingly a mystery man with a watchful character in Genshin 2.0 Special Program. He is presently the Kamisato Clan’s commandant and has a close relationship with the Kamisato siblings. As a result, Kamisato Ayaka makes a formal gesture.
  • Ayaka is also chatting with Thoma in the closing moments of her Character Demo. Lastly, you will hear Thoma formally addressing Ayaka as ‘Milady,’ a title typically reserved for noblewomen.

Kamisato Ayaka’s Abilities

  • “Kamisato Art-Kabuki,” Ayaka’s Normal Attack, enables her to execute up to five rapid attacks with her Sword.
  • Ayaka’s Charged Attack uses up some of her stamina in order to release a barrage of sword ki.
  • Ayaka’s Plunge Attack causes AoE Damage by plunging from mid-air to the ground below, striking enemies in its track.
  • “Kamisato Art-Hyouka,” Ayaka’s Elemental Skill, calls out blooming icicles on her feet and shoots them at her opponents, causing Cryo Damage in a wide area.
  • “Kamisato Art-Senho,” Ayaka’s Alternate Sprint, allows her to mask herself in icy mist. She can act quickly on the water in this condition. When Ayaka emerges from her chilled haze, she will utilize Cryo on surrounding enemies, and her assaults will be laced with Cryo for a short time.
  • “Kamisato Art-Soumetsu,” Ayaka’s Elemental Burst, casts a blizzard, triggering Frostflake Seki no To, a vortex of ice that travels forward indefinitely. The enemies in front of the vortices will be repetitively sliced, causing Cryo Damage. The blizzard will also erupt after the spinning ice wind’s duration has expired, causing AoE Cryo Damage.

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