Genshin Impact: Sacrificial Offering – Complete Guide

Section two of the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual main storyline, Sacrificial Offering, is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. This is one of the numerous world missions available in Inazuma, a recently introduced region.

The Abandoned Shrine

Gamers must first finish the mission “A Strange Story in Konda” before embarking on this one. The command will say, “Go northeast of Konda Village to the abandoned shrine.” The shrine is located somewhat south of Mt. Yougou, as demonstrated below:

  • You’ll notice a Mysterious Shadow at the shrine once you arrive. When you speak with her, she will warp to a different area.
  • Keep searching the shrine for any more Mysterious Shadows and conversing with them until all three have assembled around the shrine’s three kitsune sculptures to the east.
  • Keep an eye out for the shadows; one of them is on the shrine’s roof!
  • When you’ve collected all three shadows, they’ll vanish, leaving three chests and an object around the kitsune sculptures. Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and get the object.
  • You can get a Memento Lens by talking to the NPC at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Return to the deserted shrine with the Lens from the Gadgets section in your inventory. Investigate the small blue-glow kitsune statues with the Lens, and they will all reveal you old memories.

Sacrificial Offering, Statue Memories

The sacred phrases necessary to execute the rite will be revealed by the statues’ memories. Utter the phrases in the proper sequence at the Sky Kitsune statue, which is located to the east of the shrine. You will then be granted a ward by the statue.

You’ll have to locate the barrier once you’ve grabbed the ward. The barrier is within a cave just outside a lake to the shrine’s south. Then, just like in the Konda Village mission, use the ward to break the barrier down. After that, you’ll have to battle a mini-boss, which is identical to the earlier puzzle.


350 Adventure EXP

40x Primogems

30,000 Mora

3x Hero’s Wit

6x Mystic Enhancement Ore


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