Genshin Impact: Shakkei Pavilion, How To Enter

The Shakkei Pavilion domain is among the most difficult in the Inazuma to enter. This domain is found in the southern Tatarasuna area on the Inazuma continent. Nevertheless, gamers may wonder as to why they are unable to locate the domain’s entryway at the indicated spot on the map.

How To Unlock

  • The Tatara Tales quest, which is at the Kujou Encampment, is a requirement to uncover the domain. Gamers must talk to a Shrine Maiden and a guard at this site, who will assign them the mission of investigating the Mikage furnace.
  • You must then go to the Tatarasuna area and talk with the furnace’s foreman, Xavier. You will get a task to evaluate three points on the barricade that surrounds the Mikage furnace.
  • Following the investigation of the barricade, Xavier will give you a map with the spots of three neighboring cannons that you will use to dismantle the barricade. After that, you will have to go to each of the three tagged spots on the map and shoot the barricades.

Firing the Cannons

  • Use Electrogranum to power up the cannon. You should then focus the cannons at the barricades and shoot after they have been powered up.
  • The Shakkei Pavilion will now be unlocked only after three cannons have properly demolished at the barricade. Come back to the southernmost cannon position to activate the domain opening.
  • You should target the cannon at the Shakkei Pavilion, which is stationed on the far left of the rock structure.  A quick glimmer effect will arise at the spot if your shot shatters the domain’s opening.

You will now gain entry to the Shakkei Pavilion and be eligible to freely quick travel there. While the Shakkei Pavilion’s prizes are only redeemable once, it is well worth your effort to activate!

40x Primogems

500 Adventure XP 5x Electro Sigils

2x Guide to Light

3x Heroes Wit

5x Mystic Enhancement Ore 30,000 Mora

1x Hopeful Heart


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