Hell Let Loose – Review

Our Rating: 8/10

Hell Let Loose is a team-focused first-person tactical shooter set in World War II. With built-in voice-over IP and an emphasis on teamwork, the servers support up to 100 players. With 50 players on each team currently. In update 8, only the german and American forces are available. The Russian front is set to arrive at some point in 2021.

The goal of each match is to capture and hold objectives spread out around the map. Work with your squadmates to outmaneuver the enemy using flanking, fire support, heavy armor. You can pretty much any other battlefield tactics that you can come up with. Effective teamwork makes the difference between a match is the best game you’ve ever played and a boring frag fest.

The German Panther and Tiger 1 and also the American Standard 76 and Jumbo are some of the armored vehicles available. Hell Let Loose has also addressed the influx of snipers. They restricted every squad to only two recon crews. All with one sniper and one spotter, which can still cause havoc on your opponent. If they’re using the recon unit’s special skill to dispatch a spawn location in hostile territory, they can get into a great spot behind enemy lines.

There are presently eight maps accessible, all of which are very unique. From the autumn-colored woodlands of Hurtgen to the snow-covered swamps of Foye and the D-day coastline that lead to the green grass fields of Normandy that look like they’ve been pulled directly out of an image from Band of Brothers.

Communication is Key

Every squad is made up of a limit of 50 gamers, as stated previously. Teams are then divided into crews of up to six gamers, with general inventory, armor, and recon units being covered by each crew. After that, each team is divided into various playable classes, such as support, rifleman, engineer, and others. Each class has its range of capabilities that it can offer to the war.

Rifleman provides ammo for other players to rearm. Support classes can deploy a support crate which allows other classes to build much-needed structures like resource nodes which go into generating resources that the commander can use to call in airstrikes, fire support, and so on. this is where the team mentality comes in during play and why it’s critical to keep in touch with your squad and crew.

If engineers don’t build sufficient resource nodes, the commanding officer won’t be able to give the rest of the squad extra benefits. This signifies that you can only produce in lightly armored tanks. There was no artillery support, no aerial operations, and no reconnaissance missions.

When this occurs, the game would then, for lack of a better term, suck. However, when you merge a group of committed gamers who aren’t reluctant to stand up and work well around each other with stunning visuals such as blasts, you have one of those unique thrilling gaming scenes that will stay with you for the long haul.


The visuals are stunning. During dramatic gun battles, the audio effects will make you jump for joy. However, because the game relies so largely on its capacity of random gamers cast together in a public match, you’ll almost always end up with a terrible squad and a hard time.

Final Thoughts

Having said that, our overall impressions of the game have been awesome. The vast bulk of the players is pleasant and unafraid to let their ideas flow. Rambos, on the other hand, take notice! You’re going to have a horrible experience if you have them on your team! Expect them to run all over solo like a headless chicken, wanting kills left and right, and trying to capture the goals on their own.

Many players enjoy hardcore realism but are put off by the slow-paced truth of matches, which is where Hell Let Loose excels. Battlefield V, which is a little more arcadey, and Squad, which is an uber hardcore strategy battle. It is for this reason that it attracts such a broad audience while living up to the harsh, oppressing essence of a war zone. So, yes, we can strongly suggest this game. Just be sure to get a nice microphone!

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