Genshin Impact Washizu’s Lost Possessions – A Hollow Soul Achievement

Patch 2.0 of miHoYo’s widely known RPG Genshin Impact introduced a handful of hidden accolades, such as “A Hollow Soul”. You should eventually locate Washizu’s misplaced belongings in Higi Village and finish the Sinister Instruction world mission to earn this accomplishment. Players, on the other hand, will have to put in some effort before they can get that mission, and this article¬†will walk you through the steps!

A Hollow Soul Achievement

  • To begin, gamers must complete this achievement over the span of 4 daily resets. After all, obtaining the Hollow Soul achievement in one session is unattainable. This is due to a requirement that must be completed over the course of four days.
  • On every one of those days, you¬†must engage with the Outsider Shrine, which is situated just south of Serpent’s Head.
  • It’s also important to remember that you will have to engage with the Outsider Shrine 3x per day. After which, the shrine would become unresponsive until the next daily refresh.
  • Additionally, every interaction will result in the appearance of a purple scepter in front of the formation, and you will recognize that your day’s work is done once three of them have appeared. Washizu’s interaction alters a little every day, so you might want to have a brief conversation with him at that moment.

Final Phase

  • You will get a surprise on the 4th day of your trip to the shrine. Washizu will become hostile and attack you! The Sinister Instruction world mission will begin after this incident, and the first goal is to beat the insane samurai.
  • You will obtain an Incomplete Note and a Tattered Paper after defeating this opponent. Along with this is a cited request to visit Higi Village in pursuit of the samurai’s belongings.
  • Next, proceed to the southeast corner of the identified location in Higi Village and walk behind the residence. You must then hold a stance in the alcove between the two lanterns. Then, click the “Dig” button that shows up onscreen.
  • An Exquisite Chest will summon. Opening it will fulfill the Sinister Information quest and gain you the Hollow Soul secret achievement!

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