Genshin Impact: Fate of A Fighter Mission Guide + Achievement

The Fate of a Fighter is a world mission in Genshin Impact where gamers must battle alongside an injured samurai. Quest rewards include a total of 85 Primogems, so it’s definitely worth your time!

REQUIREMENT: Complete “Chapter II, Act II: Stillness, the Sublimination of Shadow”

Fate of a Fighter

  • When you arrive at the designated area, the Fate of a Fighter quest will begin immediately. A cutscene of a Shogunate Samurai flanked by opponents will be shown. You¬†must converse with Inaba Kyuuzou, a samurai, after beating their opponents. Inaba will disclose his wounds and request assistance in clearing a pirate barracks on a nearby island.

  • Inaba will request one more favor after destroying the pirate camp: collecting 12 Naku Weeds to help treat his injuries. You must come back 10:00-12:00 the following day to converse with Inaba upon offering him 12 Naku Weeds. At last, the samurai will say their goodbyes and give you 40 Primogems, 4 Hero’s Wits, and 30,000 Mora!
  • To advance to the next stage of the mission, gamers must conquer all of the adversaries in the vicinity of the wreckage. A letter disclosing more about Inaba’s backstory will be within every location with opponents.
  • After defeating all opponents, gamers can return to Inaba’s previous place at the highest part of the wreckage to discover one more diary page. The page will be dedicated to a spot in Jakotsu Mine in which Inaba devoted his final hours.

  • Just next to Inaba’s tomb, you’ll come across three samurai that you must beat. This concludes the mission, and you will be rewarded with an additional 40 Primogems as well as the achievement “Oh! Humanity”.
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