Genshin Impact: Thunder Sakura Tree, All Locations

Juvenile Antics should be removed from all five Thunder Sakura trees in Inazuma to complete the Sakura Arborism mission. It’s simple, as players only must use their Elemental Sight to lead the lightning from the trees to specific places. The mission does not, however, specify the location of the trees. Here’s where you’ll find Thunder Sakura trees.

The Sakura Arborism quest requires you to locate the Thunder Sakura in Genshin Impact. It rewards 60 Primogems, so you should finish it as soon as possible!

1st Thunder Sakura
  • Head over the north coast of Kujou Encampment. You will easily find this tree by the teleport waypoints to the west / south.
2nd Thunder Sakura
  • The second tree spot can be found below the teleport waypoint in Kujou Encampment. The tree is located at the very edge of this section of the island, just above the point where it subdivides into the Tatarasuna area.

3rd Thunder Sakura
  • The next tree is located in Kannazuka. Head over the north of the Statue of the Seven on a field of grass along the shoreline.
4th Thunder Sakura
  • The 4th tree is near the teleport waypoint in Tatarasuna (NW). You must then ascend the cliff and proceed south. This tree is the most difficult to approach of every one of them due to the fact that it requires climbing. You should have the tree in clear view once you get to the top of the cliff.
5th Thunder Sakura
  • The 5th tree in Kannazuka is located from across the river, west of the southern teleport waypoint.
  • This tree is easily noticeable if you begin at the teleport waypoint and glide west. As you glide, you’ll notice the tree is much lower in altitude.

After dealing with confrontations with the Fatui and an Electro Hypostasis, the Traveler will come back to Miyuki and complete the mission!

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