Genshin Impact: Aloy Ascension Materials Revealed

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy will soon be playable in a crossover event! Find out what materials she’ll need for her ascension and begin gathering them right away!

Aloy Ascension Materials

Crystalline Blooms
  • To fully ascend Aloy, gamers will require 46 Crystalline Blooms, according to the datamined details. The only manner to collect this item is to conquer the Cryo Hypostasis, and it could end up taking around 20 fights with the ice cube to have all 46.
  • Aloy will become the 2nd character to need Crystalline Blooms if the leaks are accurate. To carry Aloy up to par, gamers who built Eula must come back to Dragonspine and face the elite boss once more.

Shivada Jade Gemstone
  • The Cryo Hypostasis will reward gamers with Shivada Jade stones as they farm for Crystalline Blooms. Whether the leaks are wrong, it’s safe to assume that these gems will be crucial to Aloy’s ascension, given that she’s a verified Cryo character.
Crystal Marrow
  • In addition, gamers who want to build Aloy will almost certainly need Crystal Marrow. Gamers could require 168 of these shards for Aloy’s ascension, which you will find only on Tatarasuna and Yashiori Islands.
  • Specters could be a new opponent in Genshin Impact, according to leaks. They are presently unknown. The Geo Specter and Anemo Specter are speculated to be arriving on floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss, so it’s plausible that there are elemental variants of Specters. As the character’s talent rates enhance, more Specter drops would be required. Although it is unknown where Specters will generate, Aloy players will be curious once the details are out.
Freedom Books
  • Aloy’s talents will rank up with a few of the standard components in addition to the Specter drops. Gamers will almost certainly require Freedom books as well as a special drop from La Signora, the speculated weekly boss.


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