Genshin Impact: How To Get Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Blueprint

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is the Amethyst series’ newest craftable claymore. In Tatarasuna, the blueprint for this claymore can be found inside a Luxurious Chest behind a secured Arsenal entryway. Here’s how you can get the blueprint for Katsuragikiri Nagamasa!

Arsenal Gate

  • Gamers should begin by teleporting to the southern part of Tatarasuna’s teleport waypoint. After which, glide to Tatarasuna’s heart. You will notice the Arsenal entrance if you turn southwest from the middle part.
  • Gathering three ‘Key to Some Place’ all over Tatarasuna will open up the Arsenal entrance. A Common Chest contains all of the keys.

Key #1
  • You could warp to Kannazuka’s Statue of the Seven for key #1. Then turn southwest until you see an obstruction encircling a collapsed tower. The key is inside the Common Chest on the 2nd floor of the wrecked structure.
  • To securely pass through the shield, you’ll need to activate an Electrogranum from a nearby Thunder Sakura Bough. Level 1 works too, so don’t worry!
Key #2
  • The next key can be obtained by leaping off the ledge at the teleport waypoint’s south portion and touching down on the platform made of wood. A Common Chest is next to a few ropes and crates.
Key #3
  • The final key is on the highest level of a roof in the middle of Tatarasuna.  Drift down to the residences in the central portion of Tatarasuna from the waypoint at the south portion.

You may now open the Arsenal gate once you’ve collected all 3 keys. After you open the gate, the Luxurious Chest spawn. Three opponents will appear once you get close to the chest. You must beat all three to be able to open the chest.




Amethyst Series

The Amethyst series is labeled after one of the most important materials for all forgeable weapons, the Amethyst Lump. Every weapon in this set could only be forged after the gamer has collected the blueprints for that weapon.

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