Genshin Impact: Lasting Promise Quest Guide

The “Lasting Promise” will be unlocked after gamers complete the “Food From Afar” section of Ayaka’s Story Mission. You should first go to “the designated area recorded in the notebook” in order to begin the mission. Then, travel to Inazuma City’s southernmost point in order to locate the investigation zones!

“Search for suspicious places based on the hints in Ayaka’s notebook.”
  • To locate the right area, look for a climbable cliff to the southeast of the investigation zone.
  • The goal will change after ascending the cliff to “investigate the shrubbery on the stone wall.” You will come across what seems to be a fragile rock wall at the upper edge of the cliff. Unlike most rock walls, however, this one is unbreakable.
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  • Interact with the wall to be given a series of discussion options that will help you advance through the mission.
  • You will locate the target by gliding down to the shore, where you will enter a cave beneath the massive Inazuma Castle. This location can be challenging to spot at first since the target appears to be above the surface rather than beneath it.

Opening the wall
  • To access the wall, gamers have to choose the discussion phrases in the order listed below. This answer comes from a riddle in Ayaka’s mother’s notebook that describes “1 Fresh Flower, 4 Rays of Moonlight, and calling out Tsubaki’s name 7 times.”

1 – Knock Once

2 – Knock Four Times

3 – Knock Seven Times

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A path will unveil a concealed cave with a strange crate inside after gamers have chosen the proper conversation cues. In order for a cinematic┬áto appear, engage with the strange crate. After watching the cinematic, gamers must leave the cave to finish Ayaka’s story quest’s “Lasting Promise.”

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