Genshin Impact: All Toki Alley Tales Location

Although there is no incentive for gathering each of the Toki Alley pages in Genshin Impact, you can transform the pages into 3 novels if you find them all. The pages are strewn across the three archipelagos. They could be difficult to locate, particularly since some are tucked away behind puzzles!

Yashiori Island

  • Toki Alley pages found in Yashiori Island are relatively easy to obtain. Some of them are inside caves. One page is located inside a cave at the serpent’s head. Another one is also within one more cave, east of the Statue of the Seven.

Narukami Island

  • While most of the pages on Narukami are simple to find, others, including the one in the reservoir and Araumi, will require you to complete other missions, such as the Sakura Cleansing Ritual. Moreover, to obtain the page on Jinren Island, you must first access a hanging cage. To collect the page near┬áthe Grand Narukami Shrine, you must first rank up your Electrograna.

Kannazuka Island

  • The pages in Kannazuka Island could be a little more difficult to obtain, as you’ll need to finish the majority of the Tatara Tales quest and crack the shield enveloping Mikage Furnace. Fortunately, once you’ve accessed the Furnace, getting to Kannazuka’s pages is a breeze. One other page is near the Encampment, which is within a small cave.
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You can merge all of the pages to form a book that you may read once you’ve gathered all of them. When Inazuma’s final three islands are in the game in version 2.1, there will be 30 additional pages.

Toki Alley Tales will now be a six-part collection and based on a post on the Inazuma City noticeboard, the novel collection will most probably be linked to a mission for the Grand Narukami Shrine, with many gamers suggesting that it will also be linked to achievement.

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