Genshin Impact: Who Is Yoimiya?

Genshin’s introduction of Inazuma, a fresh territory with several new faces, artifacts, baddies, and so much more!  The second banner of Genshin 2.0 will be released shortly, giving gamers the opportunity to wish for one of the two new characters – Yoimiya!

Who Is Yoimiya?

Yoimiya, the same as Ayaka, is from a different area than the majority of the existing cast, so there aren’t several voice lines describing her. As a result, gamers will have to sit tight until her launch to learn everything there is to know about her!

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  • Yoimiya has already been presented as the proprietor of Naganohara Fireworks in the game. She is a friendly character who is always willing to assist others with their problems. Yoimiya enjoys fireworks, which may explain why her elemental skill attacks resemble small fireworks!
  • Yoimiya’s basic attack consists of  5 back-to-back bow strikes. While aiming, gamers can charge the bow at two different levels.
  • The Pyro arrow is available on the first level, and up to 3x blazing arrows are available on the second level. Yoimiya also has Niwabi Fire-Dance and Ryuukin Saxifrage, both of which are Elemental Skills.
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  • Yoimiya could be among Inazuma’s most powerful characters. Gamers should concentrate on creating a fantastic Yoimiya build by focusing on increasing her Crit Rate and Crit DMG. Yoimiya’s two strongest weapons are:
    • 5★ Thundering Pulse Bow
    • 4★ Hanayumi Bow
    • 3★ Slingshot / 3★ Raven Bow

In comparison to other Pyro DPS characters, Yoimiya’s kit appears to be a little unimpressive. Yoimiya’s special second-charged attack has limited multipliers due to its homing effect, which is the most contentious aspect of her. Because her auto attacks will be much more reliable, you will probably seldom use it.

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