Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss Floor 11, Chamber 3 Guide

Cryo Hypostasis is the Phase 1 opponent on floor 11, chamber 3, while Pyro Hypostasis is Phase 2 of the Spiral Abyss. F2P gamers frequently find it difficult to beat both within the 7 minutes time limit. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about a few tips in this guide!

How To Beat Cryo Hypostasis

  • The “Frost Wheel,” which transforms into a roller and flies straight at you, is Cryo Hypostasis’s first strike. During the first roller cycle, head over the map’s corner to halt the Cryo Hypostasis motion. It will cause the cube to collide with the wall, suspending its movement. This is a perfect opportunity to use your Burst to cause significant damage on the core whilst the Cryo Hypostasis is taking a brief pause!
  • When the Cryo Hypostasis’ HP drops to a significant point, it will use powerful armor to try to recover health. It will, moreover, surround itself with Frostfruits, which could only be moved with Charged Attacks from any of your characters. You must continue to focus on the Cryo Hypostasis throughout this final stretch. The boss will release Frostfruits near itself in this manner. This allows you to swiftly set a Charged Attack on the collapsed Frosfruits at the Hypostasis, breaking its defense quicker.
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How To Beat Pyro Hypostasis, Spiral Abyss

  • When Pyro Hypostasis’ armor is activated, do not attack it! Rather, concentrate on dissolving the shield so that the Pyro Hypostasis can enter the defenseless state more quickly.
  • Pyro Hypostasis will attempt to replenish its defense by installing three Fire Seeds, during which time the boss will morph into a rocket-like demeanor. The Fire Seeds are especially vulnerable to Hydro attacks, needing only one strike to kill them!

Check out these tips!

  • You will be provided 3 bonus selections to decide from before entering the chamber. It is recommended that you choose the buff with the feature “Effective this floor” for floor 11 starting from chamber one. If you choose a benediction, it will be effective for the remainder of the chambers and added with any subsequent benedictions. When you reach floor 11, chamber 3, you could have up to 3 buffs combined!
  • The 3rd chamber will be the most difficult on each floor. You should gather enough Elemental Particles in chambers I and II to have as much Elemental Burst as possible in order to provide enough DPS to defeat opponents.

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