Genshin Impact: Where To Find Temari Ball / Kid Kujirai

Kid Kujirai’s Temari Challenge is a world mission for gamers wanting to boost their Primogem total. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got here!

How To Begin

  • Gamers must travel south of the Byakko Plain to begin the search. A young boy “Kid Kujirai” is near the waypoint. Get the “Temaria Game” world quest by interacting with Kid Kujirai.
  • The first goal is for you to locate the Temari ball within 30 seconds. The “Distance from Target” tracking system at the top of the display allows you to determine where you can find the ball.

  • You must now locate Kid Kujirai and defeat him in a game of Temari after finishing the initial task. Find Kid Kujirai to collect all available chests in six different locations. Every  Kid Kujirai challenge area has 3 rounds that must be completed in order for the Precious chest reward to be received.

1st Location

  • The very first Temari challenge venue is on Narukami Island, west of the Araumi waypoint. Hop off the ledge to the west of the waypoint and glide down the shore where Kid Kujirai is.

2nd Location

  • East of Inazuma City is the location of the next Temari challenge. Glide down from the Inazuma City waypoint to the island east of the city.

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3rd Location

  • The 3rd area is in Kannazuka, south of the Tatarasuna territory. To reach Kid Kujirai’s position, use the southern Tatarasuna waypoint, hop off the ledge to the south, and glide down.

4th Location

  • The next Temari challenge is situated in the Tatarasuna region’s northwestern corner. Teleport to the northern Tatarasuna waypoint and glide west and towards the shore to locate the Kid Kujirai.

5th Location

  • The 5th Termari challenge can be discovered in Yashiori Island’s Serpent’s Head area. Glide to the Serpent’s Head location by teleporting to the waypoint east of Maguu Kenki. Kid Kujirai is within the Serpent’s Head’s mouth.

6th Location

  • Yashiori Island’s Jakotsu Mine area hosts the last Temari challenge spot. Because it is underground, this last area may be challenging to discover. Return to the waypoint east of the Maguu Kenki boss location to reach the destination.
  • Ascend southwest from the waypoint. You will see a pit on the surface while gliding. The very last spot of Kid Kujirai is inside the hole, which is a large underground pit.

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