Glyph – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

Glyph is a game in which you control a super ball with special abilities. You must keep it on top of platforms so that it does not fall. If it falls, you will lose and have to start over. Glyph appears to be an electronic beetle with wings, beneath that ball with powers. This character is in charge of the difficult mission of saving the world. A world that is corrupted in yet another one of those cliché stories you’ve probably seen in other games.

This shouldn’t bother you so much because the goal of the game is to solve puzzles; figure out how to get to a specific location by applying everything we learned in a comprehensive tutorial right at the start. Those who have played the game on the Nintendo Switch will be familiar with what to expect. It has been available on the handheld since February, and now Bolverk Games has released a PC version. For those who’ve never played it, the game is similar to PS1 Kula World, where we walked with a ball on platforms collecting keys to pass the stage.


Glyph takes place in a universe that looks like it came straight out of The Journey. Although it is simple to learn to play, not everything is counted over the long hours that may lie ahead. As previously stated, the super ball has several simple powers; the challenge is determining which one to use at any given time, or risk failing, for example, a larger flight near the end of the level and having to start over.

This happened several times. But don’t get too worked up about it; it’s all part of the game. You must first determine what you should do and then execute it flawlessly. I found the execution to be easier than the part about figuring out how to pass. Glyph’s powers range from simple jumps to double jumps, jumping on the spur of the moment, climbing, and even super flight, in which the beetle leaves the ball to guide it to its intended destination. All of this adds up to a fun gaming experience with simple and intuitive controls.

The most important contribution to a good gaming experience, aside from simply executing these powers, is ball physics. And no, I’m not talking about a football game that introduces something new every year. It’s critical to recognize her weight here to avoid missing the balance provided by the platform jumps. For instance, you can move to the opposite side of the platform when you are about to go beyond it in each jump. Instead of a sudden change in direction, the ball moved slowly until it changed direction, allowing the player to feel the ball’s weight.

Game Progress

The game progresses as we collect items at various levels. Everything from coins to keys to crystals can be used to unlock a specific section of the Glyph map. Coins are used to unlock new levels, keys are used to unlock each level’s exit, and crystals are used to unlock additional levels.

There are also golden scarabs, which can only be caught after collecting all of the coins of a particular level, which grants access to specific areas of the map. If you don’t make it to the first one, don’t worry; you won’t lose anything you’ve already earned, which will make things easier. The levels that will be passed are divided into two groups and are quite varied.

Collecting items and other activities in Crash Bandicoot games that require you to beat a certain time to progress in a good way through the time trial Each level’s classification ranges from one to five stars, depending on our performance, while those that require us to beat the clock are classified as gold, silver, or bronze medalists. There are a total of 80 levels, so there will be plenty to do.

Final Thoughts

The parts that were the most irritating were some issues with the camera, which, while controllable, can be awkward to use at times and does not put you in the best position to reach a successful port. Also, the soundtrack was a little monotonous, and while it improves when we find relics, it’s not much if you have to play with the game’s sound all the time. We recommend they listen to a different type of music while attempting to complete each level.

Glyph is a simple process game that is engaging enough to pique the interest of platform and puzzle fans. If you remember Kula World or those levels in Dreams where you rolled a ball through obstacles, here’s a good option that will bring back memories. It’s a good resource for people who enjoy challenges due to its simplicity and affordable price. Who knows, it could also be a good way to break up the monotony of a workday’s lunch hour.

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