Genshin Impact: Yashiori Island Swords, Rest In Peace Achievement

While exploring Yashiori Island in Inazuma, gamers will come across memorials with which they can engage. While the shrines and gravestones in the area are effortlessly identifiable and interactable, you might not be aware that the swords are strewn about Yashiori Island also represent a warrior’s gravesite.

You can engage with a sum of ten electric-sword graves. You will need to trigger an Electrogranum plant immediate vicinity before using it on the sword. The soul of a fallen warrior will emerge after you engage with the sword, which you must subdue.

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All Sword Locations

1st Sword

Warp to the western part of Nazuchi Beach to find the 1st electric sword. Walk along the shore, the sword can be found just around the main route.

2nd Sword

The next sword can be found to the north of Fort Fujitou Encampment. It is located in the middle of the dirt trail leading to the shore.

3rd Sword

Go to the Statue of the Seven in Higi town to find the 3rd sword site. You can discover the sword close to the northeast after warping to the statue.

4th Sword

Walk to the west across the bridge from the Higi town Statue of the Seven sites. Under the huge tree where the route separates, you will discover the sword.

5th Sword

The next sword can be found south of Higi village, on the shore.

6th Sword

Going south from the prior electric sword will lead you to the 6th electric sword. Head over the center of a huge ground.

7th Sword

The 7th sword can be found south of Fort Mumei, on a tiny island. You will need to trigger the Waverider waypoint at the dockyards south of Higi village to obtain the sword.

8th Sword

Go to the shore southeast of Maguu Kenki waypoint for the 8th sword.

9th Sword

Leap off the ledge to the east and glide to the shoreline from the Maguu Kenki waypoint. While gliding to the shoreline, you will see the electric sword in a grassy patch.

10th Sword

The final sword is found in the Musoujin Gorge area. You will see a puzzle instead. Check out the solution below!

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