Seed of Life – Review

Our Rating: 6.5/10

Seed of Life is an RPG about life’s tenacity. You will play as Cora, the last refugee of Lumia, a planet on the verge of extinction. The only way to redeem your homeworld is to reignite the sun by activating the Seed of Life. Will you be the one to bring the desolation to an end?

You’ll pick up a Talisman and capsules that provide you unique skills throughout your journey. This includes lumium, the world’s source of life and the energy for Cora’s Talisman. Lumium is a vital component because it will enable Cora to continue her journey and utilize her strengths.

Your capacity to discover the planet will improve as you accumulate lumium and capsules. Enhanced awareness to identify secret objects and lumium plants, a glow to shield you from darkness are among the skills available. To get to the Seed of Life, you’ll need to use a variety of strengths.

Lumia’s World

Discovery is emphasized heavily in the game, which is unfortunate because it feels punishing. Cora receives a lot of damage from the Lumia’s horrible atmosphere, which, added to the fact that you don’t get much relevant data on how to progress, means you’ll be dying a lot until you obtain more skills.

Luckily, there don’t seem like many penalties for death other than being returned to a prior checkpoint, which happens relatively quickly. Cora will be talking a lot since she’s the main protagonist, which is somewhat disappointing since the voice acting and dialogue are both underwhelming. Because of its short length, the narrative leaves you asking more.

Final Thoughts

Seed of Life is a large-scale venture and the creator MadLight’s first game. Some attributes are commendable, but the general impression is that this game isn’t quite fully ready just yet. Combine in the voice acting and several dubious design choices, and Seed of Life is a quick 4 to 6-hour experience. In its current state, we can’t recommend the game just yet. However, it has the potential to be a great puzzle action-adventure game with better dialogue and narrative.

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