Genshin Impact Time And Wind Complete Quest Guide Easy

Genshin Impact has a ton of content for players to enjoy, some of which are hidden all over the land of Teyvat. One of these is a hidden quest called “Time and Wind”, which takes place on an unmarked piece of land.

This nameless island can be found off the eastern coast of the Teyvat mainland. You can spot the hidden island once you reach the highest point on Starsnatch Cliff. But before you start the quest, make sure you have at least one Anemo character on your squad. You’ll definitely need Anemo abilities for this quest.

Reaching The Hidden Nameless Island – Genshin Impact Time and Wind Guide

You can reach this hidden island using one of two ways:

  1. Use a Cryo character to build an ice bridge.
  2. Glide over to the island from Starsnatch Cliff.

The second method is definitely faster, but it works the best if you have high stamina. Still, you’ll want to have food items that restore stamina, just in case.

Starting the Quest

Once you’re on the island, you want to head directly to the centre and explore the ruins located there. You’ll find the “Ravaged Carvings” on a sundial, examining which will prompt Paimon to tell you continue exploring. This will activate the Genshin Impact Time and Wind quest.

Genshin Impact Time And Wind Nameless Island Location

Once the quest is activated, you need to reach the southern coast on the hidden island, where you can find the abandoned campsite. Just close to the campsite, you’ll find a group of breakable rocks. Get rid of them, and you’ll reveal a Ragged Notebook.

Going through the Ragged Notebook will reveal that you need to use your Elemental Sight between 2AM and 5AM in-game time. You will uncover numerous wind clusters around you, which you can remove easily with Anemo abilities. Here’s where you can find the clusters.

  • On top of the pillar next to the sundial.
  • Above a rock on the northeast coast of the island.
  • Above the water on the southeastern cost.
  • On the ruins directly behind the sundial.

Dispersing these clusters will reveal a new objective: Scatter the Deposit of Wind.

In order to complete this, you need to go back to the sundial, where you will find another wind cluster. Use Anemo again to disperse it, and you will fight an enemy – Eye of the Storm. You can chip away at its health, but before you can defeat it, it will run away.

You can follow it using the wind currents left behind. In case you lose track of it, you can teleport back to the Temple of the Wolf. From there, just head northeast until you spot a group hilichurls around another sundial.

After you defeat the hilichurls, use your Elemental Sight like before, between 2AM and 5AM. This time all the clusters will be around the sundial. Dealing with them will reveal the Eye of the Storm a second time, and you can finally take it down.

Once you’ve killed it, you need to speak with Henry in order to finish the quest. Your reward will include the following:

  • 500 Adventure XP
  • 60,000 Mora
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 60 Primogems


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