Genshin Impact – Everything We Know About Ayato

Genshin Impact is about to release a new update, and we’re expecting to see a lot of new content. One such character is Kamisato Ayato, who is an important character, but has never appeared in the game.

Ayato is best known for being Kamisato Ayaka’s elder brother. According to the lore, he’s a pretty significant character in Inazuma. We haven’t seen the character model yet, but there are plenty of references within the game to Ayato.

Who is Kamisato Ayato?

Kamisato Ayato is the leader of the Kamisato Clan, and also the Yoshiro Commissioner. Ayaka and Ayoto lost their parents when they were young and lead the clan. Ayoto doesn’t make any public appearances, but almost everyone knows Ayaka as the family figurehead. According to the logs, Ayato stays pretty busy with government work.

You can find tidbits about Ayato scattered all around Inazuma. According to a bulletin board in the city, he appears quite young, and happens to be more determined and mature than Ayaka.

We still don’t know whether Ayato will be a playable character since there’s no character model to be seen yet. But considering the references, it’s possible that he turns out to be playable. According to an NPC in Komore Teahouse, Ayato can wield both swords and polearms, so we know what weapon to expect with him if he ever gets released.

There are a few voice-line references to Ayato as well. Ayaka and Sayu both have references to him.

Ayaka says that Ayoto is always busy, and facing constant pressure. She tries to take some of the load off, but it doesn’t help a lot.

Genshin Impact - Ayako about Ayato

In contrast, Sayu fails to understand why he can’t just put off his work and take a nap like her instead.

There are a lot of more references that you can find within the game. Maybe we’ll get to see the actual model in-game soon as well. Till then, all we can do is speculate.



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