Deadly Days – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

Deadly Days takes place in the present day. A burger factory makes tasty sandwiches out of rotten or poisonous meat for a low price. In this case, we’re already on the right track thanks to a barrel with a skull on it. These burgers are then delivered to restaurants, and when a customer consumes one, they quickly transform into a hostile zombie.

To begin, you’ll play two survivors. They have a school bus to get around. You will also have a base where you can take refuge and keep track of the day’s activities. Every day, you’ll be assigned a mission to complete to collect various resources. After a hard household of zombies, you’ll need to find food to feed your settlement, as well as weapons and supplies to help your settlers grow.

While some of the group searches for these assets, the rest of the group will keep an eye on the surroundings to keep the area safe. In Deadly Days, you’ll need to expand and evolve your colony for it to last. You’ll also have to deal with the zombie outbreak.


Each day will be a brawl in this game, with both positive and negative outcomes. Each day will begin with you and your two characters at your hideout, which is a safe location. These characters will each have their own set of skills. You’ll have an ability when you first start the game, but it’ll be very limited.

So, you’ll have to go out on a mission every day to collect resources for your camp. These expeditions will vary; they may include cleaning, a simple search, or a rescue involving a new friend, or simply a friend who is about to die in excruciating pain. Each mission will have a specific goal – survival. However, your primary objective will remain to locate the burger factory while demolishing all restaurants in your way. If it weren’t for the zombies, randomly generated cities, a terrifying day/night cycle, and plenty of delicious little surprises, it could be a real walk in the park.

As you progress through Deadly Days, the zombies become increasingly powerful. The challenge of the task will be highlighted by this day/night cycle. Indeed, you will have just over a minute, which corresponds to the day, before moving to the night side and confronting your worst nightmare. The number of zombies will increase, and vision problems will arise… Simply put, completing your missions will be a real challenge.

The Cycle of Life and Inevitable Death

Deadly Days is a rogue-lite, but it’s not your typical rogue-lite. Although the restart is slow, you do not forfeit everything. As if there was another group of survivors ready to take your place. You keep some of the attributes from the previous part while also gaining new abilities. Enough to make your death a bigger deal.

As a result, when you see such quick missions and a difficult goal, you may become hooked to the death cycle. We are less tired, and we gladly accept death over and over again to constantly improve and push the limits of our little survivors. As a result, it will take many hours of gaming to quench your thirst for survivalism and defeat the zombie apocalypse.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of this chaos, not everything is filled with flowers and zombies! The graphics are pixelated, and while the game has been improved, some may not enjoy it. We decided that the pixels are necessary for the game’s mechanics, especially since the rogue-lite system allows for the sublimation of the pixels. We almost mistook ourselves for children playing in a sandbox.

Deadly Days has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. Indeed, there are more than 60 bizarre objects that make each mission unique, such as toothpaste, more than 30 special abilities, three types of survival visions corresponding to different specialties, and various weapons that your survivors can use. Not to mention the ability to customize your survivors with a total of 55 survivors and 50 unique abilities. In terms of missions, we were able to find towns and procedurally generated missions, as well as 10 different types of zombies, to which the end bosses were added.

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