Lawn Mowing Simulator – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

The first thing to mention is that the goal of Lawn Mowing Simulator is to create a realistic simulation of professional mowing, including not only operating the mower but also managing a business in this field.

Career, Challenge, and Free Mode are the three game modes available. Free Mode is great for practicing and playing without restrictions, but Career Mode is where the player will spend the majority of their time because it is here that new machines and equipment are unlocked. The Challenge has pre-determined scenarios, such as starting with a partially filled gas tank or completing the task within a certain amount of time.

Lawn Mowing Career

You will create an avatar, choose a company name and logo, and purchase your first cutter in Career mode. The business begins modestly, with only one machine and one employee, you. You’ll be able to hire more people and purchase more equipment as time goes on

The cutters’ meticulous detailing is a spectacle in and of itself. The developers of Skyhook Games worked with renowned manufacturers such as STIGA, SCAG, and Toro to obtain real-world performance, design, and spec data for each of the game’s twelve machines, which have been meticulously recreated. DLCs will allow new models in future expansions.

Performance, attachments, and maneuverability differ from one mower to the next. Some are rear-wheel drive, while others feature the Giro Zero maneuver. Four-by-four models are also available. It’s a shame the game doesn’t have steering wheel controls, as this would add to the immersion. The capacity of the gas tank, the size of the grass catchers, and the width of the cutting tray all vary, reflecting the models’ real-world specifications.

Don’t damage your blades!

The player must first walk across the lawn to do a quick terrain reconnaissance and gather objects littered on the ground before beginning work with the machine. Because the time to locate the objects is short, this activity is akin to a minigame. It’s crucial to gather them all because doing so earns you a bonus point, and these things can damage the mower blade.

It’s time to cut now that I’ve completed the stage on foot. Surprisingly, operating a lawnmower is not as simple as we might believe. Starting the engine, adjusting the blade speed and height, and then engaging the blades are all part of the procedure. To avoid damaging the engine, keep an eye on the load on the engine throughout the service and release the accelerator when it exerts too much effort. Models with a sump must be emptied, and models with disposal must consider the disposal mouth’s location.

You choose the path to take to achieve the goal. You will be able to complete the task without any major issues if you pay close attention and care. The player can use their Professional Look, a feature similar to that found in games like Batman: Arkham or the Tomb Raider series, to highlight areas where there is still grass to mow.


You can stop the activity at any time and get paid proportionately for the work done. Most contracts stipulate that the service must be completed after a cut of approximately 99.5 percent of the area. Punishments are deducted from the amount to be received if you hit objects, ruin flowers, or damage the soil. Customers’ petunias should be avoided at all costs.

31 different locations are available in the game, ranging from middle-class suburban homes to mansions and castles. The terrain isn’t always flat: there are inclines, inclines, and undulations that affect the cut quality and engineering effort. Trees, flower beds, benches, and works of art abound in all locations, adding to the activity’s difficulty. The graphics are stunning, which may explain why this game is only available on next-generation consoles.

Relaxing Experience

It’s weird to say, but the high level of realism in Lawn Mowing Simulator is both a good and bad thing. Realistic simulators are niche products for a specific audience. Grass mowing isn’t a particularly exciting activity. The landscapes are all bucolic, and the cutters are slow machines.

Missions range in length from 30 minutes to an hour, and the gameplay initially felt slow and repetitive. It’s not even the simulator’s fault; the issue is that mowing lawns is a dull activity in comparison to flying planes or driving sports cars. As a result, the game is a true representation of naturally slow activity.

However, as you progress through Career Mode, you may develop an appetite for it. The activity’s serenity and mechanically satisfying contemplation became quite soothing. In a world of goals, frantic action, and competition, it’s a product unlike any other.

Final Thoughts

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a relaxing activity that allows you to sit and enjoy moments of peace while also giving you the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s an experience I recommend to anyone who wants to think, listen to music or listen to a podcast while playing games, or simply relax and unwind while doing something they enjoy.

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