Ranch Simulator – Review

Our Rating: 7/10

Ranch Simulator starts in the middle of a patch of property with a tenuous farm and a note from our late grandfather. He informs us that we have inherited the family estates. Our character then vows to start a new life in the countryside. We’ll have to renovate the house, raise animal farms, and find a profitable way to make money from then on.

We will have a menu from which we can perform various actions. This includes equipping ourselves with a weapon for hunting, a hammer for building, a hand for grabbing objects, and a lever for destroying the terrain. We’ll use the map to find our location and go to various locations. We’ll see a store, a dealer, or a gas station, where we can buy or sell vehicles.


Raising animals, which we can purchase in the store, mate, and then resell all of the offspring, is one of the ideal ways to make money. We can have our stable with chickens for the sale of eggs in the first few hours of play. Once we’ve discovered all of the shops and constructions, all we have to do now is prepare our land and other animals to create a stable economy. Because of the game’s gameplay and the small amount of money we generate, the game may appear to be slow at first.

In general, the gameplay is enjoyable and demonstrates the fundamental mechanics of all works in this genre. Even so, there is room and possibilities for more ideas or ways to progress. Ranging from assisting NPCs to completing side missions. Ranch Simulator still has a long way to go in this area; compared to other games that reward the player for exploring and interacting with the world rather than just managing our farm.

A style is already seen before

Ranch Simulator’s graphic section complements the realistic simulation it attempts to replicate. They perfectly represent a real-life farm, from the animal design to the structures. As a result, the player’s immersion capacity grows, and he or she feels immersed in the world.

The animations, on the other hand, are dated and can occasionally throw the player off. They can also be improved in future updates to provide a more realistic experience by improving certain movements in the character.

Unfortunately, there is no music to accompany the rural environment in Ranch Simulator, so the sound section is empty. Only a few musical tracks will be played on the vehicles’ radios, and they will not be enough to complete the atmosphere.

Another factor that could help the game’s context is the addition of more fauna. It would improve not only hunting but also the world’s realism. The truth is that the player may feel alone at times. Especially in an environment devoid of life due to the absence of non-controllable characters or animals.

Final Thoughts

Ranch Simulator is a simulation video game that features a realistic world in both mechanics and graphics. From the construction to the livestock, we will have a variety of systems to assist us in fixing our farm and maintaining a stable economy. It can be slow and limited at times. However, as we progress, we’ll have a variety of options for how to keep moving forward, from hunting to construction.

Ranch Simulator is still in Early Access, so there’s still room for improvement in areas like animations and mechanics. It would also be interesting to include more flora and fauna. As well as non-controllable characters, to aid enrich the scenarios and reward the player for exploring the world.

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