World War Z: Aftermath – Review


World War Z: Aftermath is more than just an expansion. Saber Interactive has done a fantastic job to expand on their 2019 sleeper hit by adding so much more to the game. New maps, new weapons and new ways to play the game, World War Z: Aftermath comes with all that goodness and more.

World War Z: Aftermath takes inspiration from the movie of the same name. In this Zombie infested world, you fight to not only survive but also reclaim back what was once yours. You can do so solo, in co-op, or by jumping into an online lobby. The game also features cross-play which means your friends on other platforms can also join in on the fun.

New Mutations

The Aftermath expansion adds a lot of content and changes to the game so let’s get straight to them. First and foremost there are new episodes for you to play and familiarize yourself with. Fight the infestation in Rome and take back the Vatican City in an incredible confrontation. Or go to the icy Kamchatka in Russia and take on some iced zombies. You can do see with your old characters or with some of the new introductions. The choice is yours.

World War Z: Aftermath FPS

Aftermath also adds in a First-Person option. This option really changes how you approach the game and makes it a more immersive and sometimes scary experience. This is such an incredible addition that makes the game so much more fun. One thing that I hope they add an option for is the ability to properly ADS. As of now, the game does it old-school style where the screen zooms in on the crosshair instead of having you aim down the sights like we’re used to.


If you’re familiar with the original release of World War Z, Aftermath isn’t too different. Besides the aforementioned additions, the game still retains its core gameplay. Having randomized maps really helps keep runs fun and adds that unpredictability so you’re always on your toes.

Build your character class and play the way you want to play. Especially with the new classes, episodes, and the reworked melee system, there’s so much flexibility and space to experiment with.

World War Z: Aftermath Vanguard

There’s also the new Vanguard character class that allows you to get up, close, and personal with the zombies. And to help to make the in-your-face gameplay more fun you can now dual melee weapons or wield two-handed weapons. The melee system overall has been revamped with more perks so that you can build a character to your style. No more do you need to fear getting in the face of the zombies.

New to the game are also rat packs. You heard that right, rats are in the game and they can make your life living hell. It can be somewhat hard to deal with a bunch of rats with your guns so try to have something flammable on your person to deal with them. Encountering them can instill a feeling of absolute dread where you will end up communicating way more with your teammates to deal with these dangerous rodents.

Looks and Feel

The game may have been released in 2019 but even back then the game looked incredible. And that hasn’t changed one bit since then. The game still looks and runs incredibly well. A new addition for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X is Hordle Mode XL which features waaaaay more zombies on screen than before. It is an absolutely chaotic experience that is super fun to play. It’s hectic but it’s fun.

The new episodes also feature some incredible views and cool-level design. Especially Rome, going into the Vatican City and getting to wreak havoc there was just a sight to behold. Really makes you feel like you’re the Holy Avenger, The Sword of Justice who is there to smite down the undead. Fun times.

Final Conclusion

World War Z: Aftermath is an expansion that does not disappoint. With so many new features and additions, it does a great job to cement itself as the best zombie shooter on the market. There’s loads of variety and replayability and if you’ve got a group of friends to play with then it gets even more chaotic and fun.

World War Z: Aftermath is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam and Epic Games).

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