Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack Update – Review

Our Score: 9/10

The Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack is out now! And it’s a fantastic update for fans of the series and we’ll get into why. Planet Zoo is a game about having your own Zoo and managing it. Remember Zoo Tycoon? Well, welcome to the modern-day version of that.

Developer Frontier Developments have supported Planet Zoo ever since its launch in 2019 and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The North American Animal Pack Update is another great addition to the game.

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack: The Update

“Welcome 8 new animals to your zoos: the industrious American Beaver, the towering and majestic Moose, the sleek and smart California Sea Lion, the shy and solitary Cougar, the enormous American Alligator, the highly-sociable Black-tailed Prairie Dog and the elusive yet adorable Arctic Fox.

Joining them is a new Exhibit Animal: the American Bullfrog! You will also be able to enjoy a new Timed Scenario set in the foothills of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.”

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack Alligator

As you can tell from that description, we’ve got a lot of animals and they might be some of the cutest animals to have been added to the game. And yes, I’m talking about the American Alligator.

These new animals have fantastic new animations and cute behaviours that will not only wow the tourists but you as well!

With the North American Animal Pack comes update 1.7 which brings a plethora of cool new additions to the game. From new animal behavior to the new ways to manage your terrain.

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack: The Additions

One of the biggest additions is the new terrain management. When starting a new zoo, you are now presented with three options. Option One lets you import your own heightmap. One that you’ve made from scratch or one that is based on real-world topography.

Option Two gives you a pre-made topography based on your biome. And Option Three allows you to Scenario Map. Here you can choose the “Terrain Only” option which removes the buildings.

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack Moose

New with the update is Animal Talk Seating Areas. So now whenever your educator is speaking, the crowd will have a place to sit. Another new addition that I love is “deep swimming” for a few felines.

The Jaguar, Bengal Tiger, and Siberian Tiger can now take full advantage of having their own swimming pools in which they can relax and give people a good show.

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack Cougar

And if people aren’t going to those shows, you can use Path Barriers to guide them to where you want to go neat. A lovely addition along with Kerbs that dissuade guests from crossing unless there’s no other route.

Final Verdict

The Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack and update 1.7 are fantastic additions to the game. If you’re a fan then this is a no-brainer DLC. The 1.7 update is free for everyone and doesn’t require the DLC.

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