The Architect: Paris – Review

Our Score: 7/10

The Architect: Paris by Enodo Games Inc. is quite an interesting game. What would you do if you could rebuild all of Paris to your own liking? Would you change the Parisian architecture? Modernize the planning and layout? Or what you completely overhaul the city. Well, let your creativity run free in this game.

The Architect: Paris is a construction game that allows you to shape the city of Paris into what you want. Destroy, draw, build your own architectural projects, customizing each building carefully or entire districts at once.

What is The Architect: Paris?

Turn the capital of France into a medieval-looking city or a futuristic one, build a business district surrounded by parks, create gigantic plazas worthy of the greatest soviet cities, imagine neighborhoods where historical architecture blends in with the most modern designs…

Draw your own buildings with an accuracy never seen before. The powerful brick-to-building system developed by Enodo Games will give you complete control over your projects.

Destroy. Draw. Build. And then, start over as many times as you wish.

Lastly, admire your work, choosing weather and lighting conditions that highlight your new city. Share your creations with players around the world through videos and pictures.

It is a city-building and planning game. Even though the name is The Architect, you won’t be designing and constructing buildings. It’s more closer to something like Cities Skyline where you build using your own imagination.

Look and Feel of The Architect: Paris

The Architect: Paris does a lot of things right when it comes to the visuals. One of the most important parts of a sandbox city-building game is the UI. If it’s too cluttered or too confusing, it’s a big turn-off. The UI here is clean, to the point, and easy to understand

The graphics in the game have been kept quite realistic looking. Often times we see a compromise in the visual fidelity of a game to compensate for processing power. That’s not the case here as everything looks absolutely gorgeous.

And since you have such variety when it comes to how you want to build, the various buildings and landscapes look amazing. From medieval-looking buildings to tall cyberpunk skyscrapers, they all feel like they belong.

All of this allows you to truly go wild with your imagination and build the city into different versions of itself. Maybe you can have the city go from being medieval-looking to cyberpunk and sci-fi as you go further into the city. It’s fun to play around with and gives you a lot freedom.

Final Verdict

The Architect: Paris by Enodo Games Inc. is a fantastic city-building sandbox experience that lets you go wild with your creativity. With a ton of variety in buildings accompanied by some fantastic lighting, realistic weather conditions, and an overall realistic look to tie the package together, this game is one that all fans of this genre should pick up.

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