Shadow Corridor – Review

Our Score 7/10

Shadow Corridor by KazukiShiroma is an indie horror game. Made by just one person, this horror title is the perfect game to give you the creeps this Halloween

Shadow Corridor is a game about Japanese folklore and myths. If you’re a fan of them, you’re going to find some very interesting and exciting things here. Again, keep in mind that this was made by one person and is incredibly impressive.

What is Shadow Corridor

“Set in traditional Japanese locales, Shadow Corridor provides a unique survival horror experience. Randomly generated maps filled with a variety of items make every playthrough different. Immerse yourself in the darkness, for only the determined will survive”

 Shadow Corridor Glutton

This game has a very unique way with the randomly generated levels. No two runs will really be the same. Which means that no encounters will be the same. Horror games tend to get old or get boring once you figure them out. But when a lot of the level is randomized, you can only go in with a basic game plan. You can’t really outplay the game because you don’t know what the game has in store for you

Enemy encounters, the rooms, and even item placement are randomized. And due to how heavy it is with Japanese folklore, you might find yourself quite invested. I know I was, especially after the game. Honestly, I didn’t expect that I would end up looking for where these myths originated from.

Look and Feel

This is an indie title that’s randomly generated so the developer has played it smart here. While the visuals aren’t photorealistic they do have quite a peculiar style. Furthermore, the texture and lighting just accentuate the eerie feeling that this game has. Interestingly, it has a very anxious and uneasy looking feel to it. Look, it’s not easy to really describe how “uneasy” a game can look but this one does.

 Shadow Corridor Ghost

Furthermore, the audio work here is quite intriguing. I enjoyed it and it certainly helped spook things up. Hearing the beat of your heart thumping in your chest will always stop you dead in your tracks before the panic sets in. Especially once the music starts to ramp up and you hear things. Things like footsteps or the wall being broken or a little bell chime.

The way the music ramps up and elevates the experience is great. I enjoy it when games can pull that off well. Because it helps so much with immersion and keeping you glued to your chair. Specifically, this is vital in the horror genre. Sound and good music here can just amplify a heart-racing experience and get your mind in the right mood to enjoy what’s happening.

Final Verdict

 Shadow Corridor Water

Shadow Corridor is a fun horror game that will surprise you quite often. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised to see how much this will keep you on your toes. There’s a lot of elements here that developer KazukiShiroma can take further. I’m excited to see them grow as a developer and can’t recommend this title enough

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