Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Review

Our Score: 9/10

With a new take on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, take a crazy voyage across the cosmos. You play as Star-Lord, leading the erratic Guardians from one explosion of disaster to the next in this action-adventure game. You’ve got it. Probably.

A new version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy takes you on a crazy adventure across space. You play as Star-Lord in this third-person action-adventure game, and you’ve persuaded an unusual crew of unlikely heroes to join you thanks to your daring but questionable leadership. Some jerk (certainly not you) has triggered a cascade of terrible events, and only you can keep the Guardians together long enough to prevent total interplanetary catastrophe. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to using Element Blasters, tag-team beatings, and jet boot-powered dropkicks.

What is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

Nothing is off-limits with your bold combat style, from Element Blasters and jet boot-powered dropkicks to tag-team beat-downs, because you play as Star-Lord. Call the shots and overwhelm your opponents with signature assaults with the Guardians by your side. Meanwhile, as your voyage progresses, the effects of your selections will range from amusing to downright surprising.

In this unique yet authentic spin on the Guardians of the Galaxy, your newly formed team of famous misfits is prepared to save the cosmos. You’ve somehow triggered a series of disastrous events that will take you on a wild adventure across mind-blowing universes populated by legendary and original Marvel characters. Get ready to kick it with the all-star ’80s mixtape.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Team

You’ll have to get great at this leadership thing quickly because you’re the only one holding the unpredictable Guardians together. There will be tears and laughter as you tear into the universe together with this wacky approximation of a family by your side. Whatever awaits you around the next corner, you can be sure it will be a blast.

If you believe everything is going according to plan, you’re in for a world of shocks, with the consequences of your choices ensuring that the Guardians are kept on their toes. You’ll meet strong new entities and unique twists on iconic characters in an original Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy narrative, all caught up in a battle for the galaxy’s fate. It’s time to reveal to the world who you really are.


You’re constantly given options for how Peter will react to various conversations, whether they’re important story moments or just walking around chatting with your teammates – there’s rarely a moment when the Guardians aren’t talking, which is welcome when the writing and performances are all so amusing. These conversation choices are primarily just for fun in an otherwise predictable plot, but some of them can have a surprising impact.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord

With a superpower called The Huddle, dialogue choice is even incorporated into combat. Peter gathers everyone around to chat about the fight when it’s activated (which can be done unintentionally by pressing L1 and R1 at the same time), and then you have to choose a pep talk response based on what they’ve said to get a boost. It will also play one of the many licensed ’80s songs from Guardians of the Galaxy for the duration of the buff, which can be exhilarating or hilarious depending on the outcome.

This game has a lot of voiced dialogue, and the interplay between each team member is both fun and educational, as you can observe how their relationships change over the plot. There were definitely instances when I heard the same sentence repeated a few times too many times, but overall, the range of barking is astounding. As a result, even battles that are superficially similar might have new appeal based on their setting or the dialogues that take place during them.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Look and Feel

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Suit

The game is visually stunning. The use of colours is brilliant and the visual design is fantastic. Consequently, you feel immersed in this alien part of space. From the various levels of technological advancement to unknown flora and fauna. This game does it all in a splendid manner. Character models and enemy variety are great too. Not to mention, you can also play the game with Ray Tracing.

In terms of audio, the voice acting is phenomenal. It elevates the game’s amazing writing and really makes you love these characters. The licensed music is top-notch with some great 80s songs that are a great addition. Furthermore, the OST of the game is fantastic. And so is the music by the ficitonal band Star-Lord.

Final Verdict

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Punch

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best narrative experiences out there. This game has so much heart while also delivering a fun experience from start to finish. If you’re even remotely into superheroes, the MCU, or games with good team banter, this one is for you.

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