Clid The Snail – Review

Our Score: 8/10

Clid The Snail is a quirky top-down shooter about a grumpy, humanoid snail armed to the radula! Experience a dark fantasy fable and explore an unforgiving miniature world to exterminate the slug plague. With an arsenal of badass weapons… and a unique set of snaily skills.

What is Clid The Snail?

You play as Clid, a troublemaking, eccentric snail who has recently been exiled from his home castle in a world where only the vague recollection of human life remains. You’ll encounter a strange gang of outcasts and discover a place to call home with the help of Belu, a loyal and talkative firefly. You’ll discover a new purpose among this new set of friends: eradicating the mystery slug plague that’s devastating the land.

Clid The Snail is a one-of-a-kind top-down shooter in which a character-driven story and thoughtful combat take centre stage. Through Clid, you’ll be immersed in a tale of exile, friendship, and treachery, as well as the exploits of a mischievous, rebellious snail who doesn’t belong. Explore a perilous environment filled with hazards and obstacles, where strategic positioning, precision gunplay, and adversary behaviour are all crucial to your survival. Discover the truth about the slug disease that is wreaking havoc on the world and save the land from oblivion.

Clid the Snail - World

The World of Clid The Snail

Clid’s features include a rich and comprehensive post-human universe as well as a sombre tone that works incredibly well. The settings are extremely complex, and the universe of anthropomorphic bugs and rodents is fully realised and fairly unique, with far more backstory and history than a game of this type should require. The story isn’t as unique as the environment it’s set in, but it’s an intriguing tale that does a decent job of keeping you guessing.


Despite the fact that the gameplay is intrinsically overly challenging, it still has potential. The world, characters, level designs, and puzzles/mazes all contribute to the game’s success. There’s still time to improve Clid’s gameplay and make it fit better with the other positives. A alternative difficulty setting, more weapon power-ups, and the ability to buff or debuff certain bosses are all possibilities that would take this game to new heights. I’m not going to pretend that I understand how patches like this operate, but just making it more appealing to casual gamers would do wonders for Clid the Snail.

Clid the Snail- Fight

There are environmental-based puzzles to test that snail brain of yours to provide a break from the mayhem. To get to the other side, you must blast switches, disable lasers in a precise order, or roll on rotating platforms. Seeds, for example, are frequently locked behind a puzzle. These seeds look like heart parts from Zelda, and gathering four of them will boost your maximum health. Some riddles, on the other hand, necessitate an excessive amount of precision and time, as failing to do so will result in your death. You must sprint through a bed of spikes while shooting switches to disable lasers in one problem. If you miss a shot, the spikes will kill you in one hit.

Look and Feel

Clid The Snail’s presentation is one of my biggest pet peeves. While Clid The Snail appears to be beautiful on pictures, its aesthetics are better described as murky. Clid The Snail seems like someone spread Vaseline on my screen. I’m not sure if it’s a post-processing effect or something else. But the overall image and visuals get covered by it. That sucks because the world design and art style of the game are great. It has such a great vibe and aesthetic to it. Hopefully, there’s a patch that adds in an option to fix this in the future.

Each of your weaponry sounds distinct and vibrant, thanks to the music and sound design. I had no idea that animals were as fond of music as humans, but the game includes various mission objectives with a musical theme, such as finding an SD card with Bugs N’ Roses songs.

Final Verdict

Clid The Snail is an interesting twin-stick shooter. It has a lot of great aspects that are bogged down by a few annoyances. However, it is quite fun to play, especially in the latter half of the game.

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