Pokemon GO Raikou Easy Guide: How to Catch, Best Counter, Movesets and Weakness

Raikou is one of the three legendary dogs, and probably the best one. It’s a must-have on your team for any Pokemon GO fan, and we have the best guide on how you can get one.

Raikou Pokemon GO – Weakness and Best Counters

If you’re familiar with type advantages in Pokemon, you’ll recall that Electric Pokemon are particularly weak against Ground Pokemon. That means, your best bet to take down Raikou easily is a Ground-type, which is both resistant and super effective against electric moves.

Here are our best recommendations for your battle against Raikou:

  • Garchomp – Mud Shot, Earth Power
  • Rhyperior – Earthquake, Mud Slap
  • Groudon – Earthquake, Mud Shot

Those are some of the best options, but as long as you have a pokemon with high CP and knows a strong ground-type move like Earthquake or Mud Shot, it should be a good contender against Raikou.

For a little more edge, you might want to take Raikou on during sunny or clear weather, as ground-type moves will get a boost with those conditions.

RaikouĀ  – Best Moveset

To make the most of Raikou’s electro-charged moves, here are the two best moves according to our suggestions:

  • Thundershock
  • Wild Charge

In case you don’t like the above or want to try something else, you can feel free to have either Thunderbolt or Volt Switch as one of the moves too. But be mindful, the damage you put out will be a little bit less in this case. So, be careful while choosing your move set. Depending on what kind of enemies you face, it can make a big difference.

Raikou may be a legendary Pokemon, but luckily, it’s not that tough to take down. Once you get the hang of type advantages and have a solid ground-type Pokemon on your team, you can wreak havoc.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO guides on catching and creating the best team!

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