Far Cry 6 Joseph Seed: Collapse – Review

Our Score: 8/10

Far Cry 6 Joseph Seed: Collapse is the final DLC for Far Cry 6. As the name suggests and from past DLCs, you play as the antagonist Joseph Seed in this one. We’ve had one for Vaas from Far Cry 3 and one for Pagan Min from Far Cry 4. Now, it’s time to get a little more insight into the mind of Far Cry 5’s villain, Joseph Seed.

Step into the head of Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5 to become the evil. As you uncover the past of this renowned villain, you’ll have to battle your inner demons. In this die-and-retry gameplay experience, explore new locales in a twisted version of Hope County, fight your erstwhile followers, confront your family members, and escape your own mind.

The Seed of Insanity

Collapse, like its predecessors, takes the enjoyable roguelike style and wraps it around Joseph Seed’s quest for forgiveness. You collect penance instead of money or respect; Joseph’s Cross replaces Vaas’ Dragon Blade and Pagan Min’s masks, and is spread throughout three key Hope County locations: Fall’s End Church, New Eden, and the Hope County Jail.

In Joseph Seed’s quest for redemption, you must kill your former supporters, who have succumbed to the same depravity as previous DLC adversaries and are continuously bitching about you as they stroll around. The night is once again haunted by ghosts, but this time they aren’t quite so frightening.

By giving Joseph Seed a devilish twist, Collapse does a superb job of rapidly rekindling your love for him. While lacking the grandeur and bombast of Vaas and Pagan, this story depicts a bunkered prophet seeking redemption through mesmerizing cruelty that has never been witnessed before.

Unlike Vaas Montenegro, Joseph rarely carried out violence on behalf of Project at Eden’s Gate; he was a Charles Manson figure who preferred to distribute barbarism through his “Family” and “Peggies.” He takes matters into his own hands here, with ferocious savagery that even his Blissed-up Angels couldn’t match.

Joseph’s View of the World

Unlike Insanity’s molten lava-filled Rook Islands and Kyrat in Control’s somewhat garish Color Run stylings, Joseph: Collapse’s Hope County is by far the most realistic environment of the three. The three places of the Cross, from which black snakes of smoke spring out, piercing the azure heavens, are the only things that stand out among the undulating hills, quiet rivers, and modest homesteads.

Far Cry 6 Joseph Seed Book

Takedowns involve placing a Bible into someone’s mouth and then rotating it with enough force to snap their neck. Joseph forces his thumbs deep into an enemy’s eye sockets in yet another horrific instakill. Albeit he does briefly bless their fresh body before it hits the ground. Instant Kills appear to be as much about compassion as they are about hatred.

The Final Bang

Far Cry 6 Joseph Seed: Collapse delivers a solid experience and adds more depth to a character that has seen two games worth of character building. The DLC might not be the best of the three but it certainly packs a punch and expands on the Far Cry universe in a satisfying way.

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