No Place Like Home – Review

Our Score: 7/10

Humanity desecrated the planet and fled to Mars. Only a few people remained. Explore the universe. Craft using recycled materials to help the environment. Animals that have been domesticated. Rebuild your town. There is No Place Like Home to restore the ecosystem and manage your own post-apocalyptic farm.

Home is where the Heart is

You take on the role of Ellen, a young woman in this simulation game. Her grandfather has left her a trash-filled farm surrounded by contaminated waterways, trash-covered pastures, and toxic mountains.  Consequently, Ellen resolved to make the world a better place. So she begins to clean up the farm and its environs, repurposing waste to build a new house.

Players are immediately presented with a quick tutorial on all of the game’s fundamentals when they start a new game file in No Place Like Home. After completing the instructions, Ellen is thrown into her new life. With no explanation, and the world is now your polluted oyster.

No Place Like Home Field

There are no cutscenes or indications of the story within the game. However, the game’s Steam page description gives players an idea as to who Ellen is and how she came to be here. After mankind trashed the entire planet, the majority of them fled to Mars. To populate (and presumably ruin) a new world. Some humans and animals were left behind. They were encircled by waste piles and forced to defend themselves against hostile robots.

Ellen is one of the only humans left on this filthy world. When Ellen’s grandfather passes away, she vows to restore his ancient mansion to its former glory. So she arrives at the long-abandoned farm and is tasked with cleaning up the fields, planting, constructing coops and styes to house domesticated animals, and cleaning up the entire region to make it safer for the humans who stay.

Look At All These Chicken

The atmosphere is lovely, the artwork is wonderful, and the game’s overall appearance is quite appealing. The way the universe is portrayed has clearly been given a lot of thought. Additionally, the character models and portraits have a lot of individuality. While the tale isn’t particularly compelling, the sights are impressive, and the mechanics are intriguing. You can have a dog, cat, or raccoon as pets, and Ellen can also raise chickens, ducks, pigs, and Cubebots, a cute species of tiny robots. Each of these critters is a helpful companion with a distinct personality and a strong desire to be petted by a human.

No Place like Home Honey

Furniture, wallpaper, statues, fountains, and other eye-catching decorations are all available to enhance and decorate Ellen’s new home throughout the game. The game has a lot of style, life, and beauty to it. However, there are other adjustments that must be completed before this game may be upgraded from its current state of Early Access.

Final Verdict

No Place Like Home is a cute farming game that already has a lot of potential as an early access title. While there is a lack of story, the gameplay and customization is fun and will have you hooked for quite a while.

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