The Cruel King and The Great Hero – Review

Our Score 7/10

A young girl who dreams of becoming a hero and the enormous beast that defends her will be the focus of The Cruel King and the Great Hero, a classic adventure! Can the Dragon King accept the fact that the girl will eventually learn the truth?

A New Beginning

Instead of killing the evil dragon king, an unsung hero long ago managed to cut off his monarch’s demonic life force. Thus, enabling the tyrant to live on. This time, the dragon king cares for the hero’s little daughter. Telling her stories of his victories and encouraging her dreams of becoming a great warrior herself one day.

Yuu, a courageous and nice youngster, aspires to be a well-known and great hero. She begins her strength-building exercises on the mountain’s crest, where she battles evil foes with her trusty branch. During this training regiment, Yuu chooses to go down the mountain on her own one day. When she asks the Dragon King for permission, the King nods in agreement. But he keeps a close eye on Yuu from the trees. Yuu knows that she isn’t quite ready for the role of a true hero. Yet, she knows that assisting people with modest tasks and errands will help her grow into her role as a real hero.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is a straightforward role-playing game in which you move around by side-scrolling. much as in a Metroidvania. But with many less obstacles and foes to contend with. Exploring can yield significant prizes. But some chests cannot be reached until certain party members or other objectives have been accomplished. Because of the game’s strict exploration restrictions, which include branching routes every now and then. Returning to more familiar regions is made more enjoyable, but it is easy to lose track of where you are. Fortunately, the player’s map will indicate the locations of hidden gems, making it much easier to locate them afterwards.

The Look of the Book

The Cruel King and The Great Hero - Dragon

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is presented in a beautiful and completely delightful storybook format. This game’s stunning visuals are completely created by hand using ink outlines and watercolours. They’re full of intricate details and are always worth pausing to admire. For those who don’t speak or understand the Japanese, this is a game worth slowing down and paying attention to. The tone even if you don’t understand what the characters are saying. Every time Yuu returns home from school, her Dragon King father tells her a narrative about his legendary hero father’s past in a cutscene between each chapter. There are new chapters and adventures for Yuu every day. As the story of her original father’s journey with Dragon King is progressively revealed.

Final Verdict

Even while the ordinary core gamer may not be interested in The Cruel King and the Great Hero, anyone looking for a wonderfully designed and interactive fairy tale will find it satisfying. Parents of young players will find it an enjoyable read-along experience because to the story’s presentation in the form of a whimsical book, and to the game’s accessibility formula. Turn-based fighting will be familiar to RPG aficionados, and the captivating tale that follows our strong lead will win over hearts right away. I recommend drinking a cup of hot cocoa before playing this game, and don’t be startled if your dreams are filled with dragons.

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