Fixfox – Review

Our Score: 8/10

Repairing an interplanetary beacon, building massive robots, and solving a cosmic mystery are all part of Fixfox and its grand quest. Vix and Tin arrive on a strange planet, where they fix machinery using odd tools and eat hearty meals with friendly robots, despite the world’s peculiarities.

Fox in Space

FixFox is a fun, family-friendly sci-fi video game. In this game, you’ll take on the role of Vix, a space mechanic who finds himself stranded on a planet where tools are illegal. Vix explores the planet Karamel with Tin, her trusty toolbox, in search of treasures left by pirates, fixing helpful home appliances, and indulging in local cuisines.

All of Karamel’s landmarks can be discovered on foot, by scooter, or with a powerful power loader; the choice is yours. You’ll be humming along to catchy chiptunes as you explore secret areas, solve funny puzzles, and then retire to the warmth of a campfire under the starry sky for the night.

Fixfox Conversation

There is a lot of exploration to be done on both the earth and in deep space during this mission. Furthermore, as you move from location to location, the story’s main rhythm is well-executed. There are plenty of side missions to complete owing to the job boards in the various communities, so get involved in and attempt to progress. There’s no sense of urgency.

Fix it Fox

Perhaps the coolest aspect of FixFox’s gameplay is the mechanic of mending something. The machine’s inner workings are revealed. Unscrewing an unseen panel may disclose a broken wire. For each button, there is a button to press that corresponds to a specific answer to the puzzle. All it needs is a nice scrub every now and then. Subsequently, there’s always a tool for the task, no matter what it is. They aren’t particularly difficult. The only issue you may face is if you don’t have the correct item for the fix.

Fixfox Fixing

Fortunately, there’s a ton of garbage lying around that can be put to good use. Everything you’ll need for a dental procedure is in this box. You’ll be able to expand your toolkit considerably by discovering hidden caches all across the world. Toasters and ovens, for example, can be repaired by traders, who may be able to give you anything in exchange for restoring their customers’ faulty appliances. There’s a good chance you can find what you’re looking for. You’ll never run out of possibilities, even as the game continues and new items are necessary.

FixFox should do a better job of explaining some of the goals in greater depth. Sometimes it wasn’t clear where to find something in the menu, so you had to open it. However, the locals may not always be able to answer your questions on the best course of action. However, it’s a minor quibble. For the vast part of my playing, I didn’t have to deal with any serious difficulties. It’s a game that’s all about discovery. It’s a thrill to discover a new location on the map, especially if it contains the next piece of the jigsaw.

Final Verdict

Fixfox is a great family-friendly, stress-free adventure game. The fixing mechanic is incredibly fun alongside the exploration. If you’re looking for something chill and cute, this one is for you.

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