Uragun – Review

Our Score: 7/10

In Uragun rake control of a friendly-but-deadly Mech unit. Face endless hordes of corrupted machines, gear up, and improvise your way out of trouble in this action-packed, futuristic top-down shooter.

Shoot Your Gun

Uragun mostly doesn’t try to be like a simulation. It has a nimble mech that can run across gaps in the environment or out of the way of incoming artillery. A weapon, and more will be added to each arm of your mech as it gets stronger. You’ll also get more as your mech fights more powerful enemies. At the moment, there are five different types of weapons. They range from a mini-gun that fires quickly, to a rocket launcher that can hit hard. To a plasma disc that acts like a deadly boomerang.

Uragun Fight

In the game, Uragun, you can’t change things like drivetrains or armour. Gun mods, on the other hand, do allow you to make some changes. The more you find collectible items on each stage, the more you’ll be able to unlock and improve elemental ammo perks, which can give you things like bigger blast radiuses and electrical discharges. In the same way, there are boosts that allow your mech to leave a trail of fire when it dashes or to magnetically pull in the heat globules that your enemies drop when they die.

Uragun Desert

The latter has a risk/reward strategy that still needs to be changed a little. Another type of offensive action, such as a crowd-cleaning area-of-effect assault, is done with your heat source. When your mech’s defences run low, you can also use heat to get them back up to speed. Due to the fact that a few enemies could easily kill the robot protagonist, you’ll probably choose to be more defensive.

Twin Sticking

Uragun Laser

Twin-stick shooters can feel stifled when they have to fight the same type of enemies over and over again. It shows off a lot of different enemies. Sometimes, you’ll have to fight hordes of spider-like foes. Other people have a longer range than you do, making it hard for you to move through bullet-hell-like fields of fire. Others will throw projectiles at you that have been lobbed, and the game will paint red circles over them to show you where the danger is.

In most games, the level design isn’t very new, and most stages send you on a long, winding path through gates. Uragun, on the other hand, is very good at getting together with other people. When you’re up against people who have charging lasers, you’ll have to quickly hide behind things. Occasionally, this means having to deal with a lot of more dangerous enemies. Ideally, we should be able to make the action even more intense, adding things like scoring and a bullet-grazing mechanic to the mix.

Final Verdict

Uragun in its current state is quite a fun mecha twin-stick shooter. The game is incredibly fun and with what we’ve been told by the devs, the future of the game looks very bright.

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