Ragnorium – Review

Our Score: 7/10

Ragnorium. A fantasy colony simulator set in an alternative universe. Where the privatization of space exploration has led to the commoditization of clone colonists. Your task is to establish a self-sustainable colony. And helping your faction survive the oncoming Holy Crusade led by Sentient Machine.

Begun The Clone Colonization Has

It’s the end of the world. Humanity has all but vanished. Someone needs to play God because of the scarcity of resources and the inability to repopulate. You are that person. Ragnorium is a completely new planet recolonization simulator in which the user orders clones to perform his or her bidding and repopulate the human species.  The end is approaching, and humanity’s last hope is a group of clones who have no idea what they’re doing. Lead your bare-chested clones to self-control and prepare them for the holy crusade’s attack. You may explore technologies to better prepare your clones for the impending trials and tribulations. Much as in many other colony simulations.

Ragnorium- Clones

Exploration starts off simple, but as your power grows as a God, you’ll be able to research more advanced topics. You can launch additional shuttles to enhance life on the planet as you acquire influence and the elders regard your colony as prospering, or you can fire a nuclear weapon to kill the enemy if you so choose.

How to God

It’s quite simple to start a new colony: choose a planet and what you want to drop with your clones, then set those cavemen to work. You will be assigned certain objectives to do along the road in exchange for experience, influence, skill cubes, or rare goodies. However, I discovered that several of the important tasks were blocked by huge enemy creatures capable of wiping out the colony in a matter of seconds. While my peons danced around fires hoping for rain while scrambling stone and flint, the guards appeared to be God’s.

Ragnorium- Fight

The enemies were fascinating to me, ranging from innocent species to aggressive critters, deformed ancient colonists that begged to be slain, rebel factions, and holy warriors. Each faction has its own element, and weapons can be enhanced with elemental properties through study. There are three primary game styles/difficulties: Extreme Mode, which will provide you with random occurrences that you may spend or earn influence on while also affecting the planet and colonists around you.

Zenlike mode, which also offers a tutorial, removes these random events, as does Zen mode. These events might range from a simple breakout of foes in the environment to colony benefits. However, because buffs cost influence points, you must consider the ramifications and effect that they may have. There was no fast-forwarding in the game throughout my time playing it. But the devs have since incorporated it in the current patch notes, making the long evenings and sleepless nights much more pleasant.

Final Verdict

Ragnorium is a game that is made for colony sim fans who are looking for something new and different. The game isn’t the most unique or the best one out there but it has a lot of potential with future updates to evolve into something fantastic.

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