Sniper Elite 5 – Review

Our Score: 9/10

Sniper Elite 5 returns as Karl Fairburne fights to expose Project Kraken in 1944 France. As you battle across immersive terrain to stop the Nazi war machine in its tracks, the genre-defining realistic sniping with upgraded kill cam has never looked or felt better.

Sniper Elite 5 transports Karl Fairburne and his beautifully sculpted short-back-and-sides to Nazi-occupied France, where he finds Operation Kraken, a conspiracy that threatens to shift the fortunes of World War II. The seasoned warrior, armed with his trusty weapon and unyielding determination, launches yet another one-man campaign to stop the Axis.

Balls to the Wall

The scope of the game is quite large. The campaign missions are massive, and with eight in all, there’s a lot of gaming to be had. Even some of the simpler objectives took us between one and two hours to finish. Plus, with so many side missions and collectibles to locate, there’s plenty to keep you coming back. The best part is that you can play all the missions in two-player co-op sessions. Or if you wish, you could invade another player’s game and snipe them like an absolute boss. Optional side objectives, collectibles, and additional high-ranking officials to kill are included in each mission. Resulting in a lot of gameplay – especially given the size of the open-world areas this time around.

Sniper Elite 5 World

This is undoubtedly the largest Sniper Elite game to date, and you get a sense of its scope right away. Each mission map is vast and smartly designed to provide you with a wide range of options for completing goals in the way that best fits you. The game favours stealth above anything else, although if you want to attempt and kill every enemy in the campaign, you may do so. When an enemy is shot from afar, the series is known for its brutal x-ray zooms, and its latest installment does not disappoint. You get a more visceral glimpse at the insides of your targets on current-gen consoles. BWell, before their insides become the outsides.

X-Ray-ted Glory

This time, kill cameras have been introduced for pistols and SMGs. And close-quarters fighting, such as a knife assault, can also trigger slow-motion effects. Of course, you can increase or decrease their frequency, but they truly distinguish this gaming series from others. They’re also incredibly fun and I haven’t tired of them. The quality of viscera has been upped which is great. Besides that the world looks and feels more alive. The newer consoles also look sharper and better overall but previous-gen consoles haven’t been forgotten. The game runs quite smoothly on them and is a very enjoyable experience. I’m glad they didn;t forget anout previous-gen consoles because not everybody has been able to get their hands on the new consoles.

Sniper Elite 5 Xray

The stealth, gunplay, adventure, and puzzle-solving action in Sniper Elite 5 is as strong as ever. Nothing beats knocking down an adversary from a long distance as the rest of the team scrambles to figure out where the shot came from. The new additions, on the other hand, are skillfully added on to make it even more enjoyable. Customizing weapons is an excellent example of a new feature that blends in nicely.

Before missions, you may now customise each gun, rather than only your loadout. You may customise your rifle, SMG, or handgun with different barrels, sights, stocks, and even ammunition. Some influence the weapon’s feel and handling, while others affect the weapon’s noise and/or impact on an adversary. You must weigh your alternatives to choose what is best for you in that mission. You may even select non-lethal ammunition or alter the appearance of a weapon. Certainly, the range of alternatives is astounding.

Final Verdict

Sniper Elite 5 combines everything that makes the franchise great and adds some fantastic new features. Including in-depth weapon customization and online Invasion Mode. Its campaign is extensive, with large open-world tasks to accomplish in a variety of ways, and multiplayer is as entertaining as ever. Not to mention, the game is quite replayable thanks to the side missions and weapon customization. Invasion is an incredibly fun game mode where you might end up spending a lot of hours just messing with other players. Ball bustin’ never felt this good.

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