Outward: Definitive Edition – Review

Our Score: 8/10

The chill of the night or an infected wound may be just as lethal as a predator hiding in the shadows in Outward. Without a tremendous deal of work, no outstanding voyage can be accomplished. Solo or in co-op, explore the huge universe of Aurai. Both DLCs and quality of life improvements are included in the Definitive Edition.

World Outside

Your protagonist is a haphazard explorer whose most recent expedition went awry. You wake up on a beach with no goods, learning that your ship sank and that the majority of your group has perished. When you go back to town, you’re blamed for everything and given five days to pay up.

So that’s your driving force. Go out into the world and make a tiny fortune, or pay off your debt by doing odd jobs for the locals. You’ll need to make a quarterstaff, get a bag, and grab some supplies like water and food before you depart. After that, you’re on your own.

A Whole New World

Outward benefits from the open attitude to adventure. There’s no imposed structure, and you may confidently march forth into the unknown to meet your fate without giving it a second thought. Unfortunately, the world is a very hazardous place. Just walking down to the shore resulted in me being mowed down by a massive lobster in a matter of seconds. On my second time out, I was ripped apart by bandits.

Know what I hate in games? Being over-encumbered. Outward gives you the option to remove your backpack with the press of a button is a fantastic bonus. You get nimbler and faster as you lose weight, allowing you to evade and strike with less stamina. Just remember to pick it up after you’re done.

Outward- Magic

Combat in Outward can be a bit of an annoyance. But story-wise it makes sense. After all, your character isn’t supposed to be a great hero; you’re simply a guy with a knapsack full of trash. Exploring the globe, on the other hand, is a satisfying experience in and of itself. The more you travel, the more you’ll see, and you’ll soon be hauling expensive items back to pay off your debts before getting a taste of adventure and doing it for joy.

You Look Alright

Outward initially appears particularly beautiful in screenshots and promo materials. However, it sort of fails to achieve that in motion. Some of the settings are a touch too barren, and the character animations are a little clunky. It’s lovely enough if you can get a great sky box or rolling meadow, but there are better-looking RPGs and survival games out there.

However, both DLC packs are included in the package. If you like, you may participate in multiplayer, which works better than in many fantasy games. Split-screen or internet play allows you to team up with friends near or far to take on the more difficult challenges. It doesn’t degrade performance, and the excitement of discovery is enhanced when shared.

Final Verdict

Outward- desert

Outward: Definitive Edition brings the game to the newer generation with a big overhaul while adding much-needed improvements. While it isn’t a survival RPG game for everyone, it does manage to do things quite well and reward a player’s sense of adventure and exploration.

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