Flashing Lights (Early Access) – Preview

Our Score: 7/10

In 2018, Nils Jakrins, a Latvian developer, released Flashing lights as a single-creator Early Access title through Excalibur Games. With the fire update at the end of April and the rescue truck update in May, Flashing Lights has recently received a number of updates. With all the new updates and additions, there’s a lot that’s changed since its first release.

Flashing Lights- House

Gamers will put themselves in the position of a first responder and go on the scene to uphold the law, save lives, or put out flames. You’ll have the opportunity to select your role and playing style in an open universe. Unfortunately, Flashing Lights doesn’t have any narrative. You can use the tools in this open-world sandbox to make your own tale or not, as you like. Although there may not be a plot, there are many multiplayer roleplaying servers that will let you and your buddies create your own tale.

Pick your Hero

With three various positions to pick from police, fireman, and medic. The gameplay of this independent game is where the action is. Before you start, you’ll decide on your attire and car. Once chosen, you spawn into the world and are free to strive to make a difference. Dispatch messages that will send you on your way from here will start to arrive.

Flashing Lights- Fire

For each of the three tasks, the player may receive a new dispatch. Needing a different vehicle and set of tools. However, dispatchers will only provide the player with a few key details about the event, such as its location and the vehicle that is required. Players must choose their strategy and select the best result as soon as they arrive. While Flashing Lights presents intriguing ideas that give players the option to choose their strategy, NPC actions occasionally make it difficult to make choices because they become stuck or stay still. Since the game is still under progress, maybe these problems will be fixed in a subsequent version.

Flashing Lights- EMT

Players may always join one of the numerous multiplayer servers if singleplayer becomes a bit boring. Private servers, public player-run servers, and official servers all provide a variety of gaming experiences. Though there are a number of roleplay servers in the community with varying degrees of seriousness, you can also find simply some general play where you may join in and take dispatches. The design of multiplayer lobbies is, regrettably, awkward. Flashing Lights’ multiplayer lobby layout has to switch between regions to find one that has running servers at the time of our assessment. We discovered that the most active service was in the east coast area.

Final Verdict

Flashing Lights offers an open environment to play in alone or with pals, and it shows potential. The game offers a feeling of independence while allowing players to put themselves in the shoes of our emergency services, even though it does have its share of glitches throughout gameplay.

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