Metal Tales: Overkill – Review

Our Score: 7/10

In the action-adventure game Metal Tales: Overkill, metal and adrenaline mix to create the ultimate 3D roguelike guitar-shooter. Defeat the approaching curse plaguing your Metal brothers to set them free from a long-forgotten evil.

Metal Tales: Overkill- Fire

The Sound of Music

The god Kuk has taken control of every guitar god in Metal Tales: Overkill and via them, the metalheads. Every original invention of metal bands, along with their followers, is destroyed by the god Kuk and his legion of possessed metalhead zombies during all of the shows. One individual may battle the god Kuk as these metalhead fanatics lose their devotion to metal.

The theme of Metal Tales: Overkill is letting go of the evil that has taken possession of the metal gods and their followers. How do you go about that? With your axe. In this twin-stick shooter, you’ll sprint around each room firing power cables at the fans to eliminate any dangers before moving on to the next one and repeating the process.

Metal Tales: Overkill- Bar

Shredding It

Depending on the run and character, Metal Tales: Overkill’s gameplay can range from superb to becoming disjointed. Four characters with two starters that are fairly balanced and two unlocked ones offer a greater challenge with more unbalanced stats. And each character will also arrive with their own accessories and distinctive instruments.

After selecting a character, the player will begin the game. You’ll be required to complete simple top-down shooter room cleaning chores. Once all of the adversaries in a room have been eliminated, the doors to the succeeding rooms will open. Each room’s breakable things could also include stuff after they’ve been destroyed. Each area during the concert will be cleared by the player, who will also find the store, challenge room, trap room, treasure room, and boss room. The boss and former guitar god must be fought and vanquished. In order for them to be released and for you to move on to the next performance.

Additionally, the player has access to a variety of objects that either enhance them or grant improvements. As you progress through each concert, these things will be crucial for strengthening your character and making difficult situations easier. Guitars, for instance, will alter how your character uses their weapon. Also, a one-time-use item that momentarily improves a feature of your character is offered by strings. Warning: not everyone is helpful. Players may considerably damage with pedals and books, enhance firing speed, and drain health. The summons that the player will be able to use after defeating each boss chamber come last.

Final Verdict

Metal Tales: Overkill is a game worth recommending if you’re searching for something that will keep you entertained for a few hours and provide an excellent soundtrack.

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