The Caligula Effect 2 PC – Review

Our Score: 8/10

The Caligula Effect 2 PC release is here and it’s a banger. The Caligula Effect 1 may have slipped under the radar with its first Vita release. However, because of the re-release, The Caligula Effect Overdose, the game gained a far broader audience and was able to satisfy many people’s Persona itch. Keep in mind that this is not a Persona game, but given some of their conceptual similarities, it may be precisely what you’re searching for.

PC Report

The PS5 version was 1080p 60fps, and now I’m playing the same game at 1440p 144 fps, with no technical difficulties to speak of throughout my time trying it. Resolution, a window/fullscreen toggle, and sliders for 3D scaling, texture quality, post-processing, and anti-aliasing are among the options. Nothing out of the ordinary, but certainly not horrible, even though the game still appears to be from a previous generation.

For example, I still prefer a controller for a game like this, but I wouldn’t mind playing with a keyboard and mouse because it’s more intuitive and works a lot better than some of the other JRPG conversions we’ve seen. To be sure, it might use some work in terms of mouse input in menus.

Highschool of the Dread

In The Caligula Effect 2, you are stuck in a simulation world of Redo. Redo is a world created by an AI named Regret that aims to “save” people from their pain. But, it’s not the real world, it’s not really free will and people haven’t consented to this.

Caligula Effect 2- Metro

So after your memories unlock, you and a group of other students from the “Go-Home Club”. As the name suggests, their goal is to get out of Redo and back to the real world. The various characters that are part of this club will be with you throughout your journey. So prepare yourself to get to know them.

And, because this is a JPRG, brace yourself for a lot of battle. The Caligula Effect offers a distinct warfare system in which every action is recorded on a timeline. The sequel preserves that mechanism and improves on it with features such as the Key Jack mechanic. The Key Jack mechanism propels you and your crew forward through time while enhancing your powers. It’s a fantastic feature that makes battle even more enjoyable.

The Power of PC

The Caligula Effect 2 is a 3D JPRG. You know what to anticipate here. You and all of the significant NPCs have unique designs and appearances that give you an indication of their personalities right away. The enemy designs and diversity are also excellent. While in combat, the UI is concise, sleek, and unobtrusive. It’s not difficult to grasp and allows you to explore the chronological fighting system.

Music inspires a lot of my enthusiasm for JPRGs. And I’m pleased to announce that The Caligula Effect 2’s music is excellent. The songs in the game are either from the AI’s perspective or have her singing them, which is wonderful for immersion and world-building. However, because the songs are so fantastic, I wish there were more per dungeon.

Final Verdict

Caligula Effect 2- Heart

The Caligula Effect 2 is an excellent sequel and this port is quite solid. Keyboard and mouse support is very good and performance is impressive. It takes everything that made the original enjoyable and distinct and improves on it in every way. The plot is interesting, the battle is intense, and the soundtrack is wonderful. If you liked the first one, you’ll appreciate this one even more.

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