Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack DLC – Review

 Our Score: 8/10

The Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack is now available. With new animals like: Przewalski’s horse, amur leopard, scimitar-horned oryx, siamang, and axolotl to your own zoo, you’ll realise how important zoos are for environmental protection.

Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack- Foliage

Additionally, with enticing new scenery pieces, create a refuge of natural meadow flora and food plots. Build beautiful dwellings and structures out of eco-friendly materials.

Building a Zootopia

Planet Zoo’s design concept has always included animal care and conservation. Zoopedia contains an entry for each species you add to your zoo. It discusses its needs, extinction status, and other intriguing facts. Likewise, the Conservation Pack focuses on a long-standing feature of Planet Zoo. Caring for, breeding, and reintroducing endangered animals into the wild. Therefore, to embrace a more feasible future, use 150+ beautiful landscape pieces based on rewilding and resource management themes. Create a sanctuary of wild meadow flora and food plots with appealing new landscape features. Create gorgeous dwellings and constructions out of sustainable materials. Finally, at the Turtle Rock Wildlife Orphanage in Mongolia, you may help animals in need by taking on a difficult new situation.

Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack- Kitty

Although it is obvious that the Planet Zoo team does enormous research by analysing animal habits, desires, and requirements, they also make a significant effort to broaden their expertise so that players can actively see this in the zoos they construct. And not just in the Conservation Pack, but also in the original game and later DLCs, players are urged to install renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines to keep everything functioning.

And, while you may make almost anything you want with the architectural parts, nature things, and decorations, there’s a strong emphasis on using natural elements like wood, living roofs, and populating your zoo with plant life.

Nurture Nature

Profit is an afterthought at the gorgeous Gorkhi Terelj National Park in Mongolia, where the primary goal is to save, nurture, document, and release as many animals as possible. Use renewable energy to power your zoo, encourage plant diversity, and teach your visitors about the value of sustainability.

Final Verdict

Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack is exactly what it says. Its focus is on conservation, repopulating, and nurturing. The five new animals are great new additions to the game. Not to mention the new plants and foliage are incredibly good and were much needed. And finally, the new situation is quite fun and challenging. You’ll definitely learn something new with this DLC.

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