Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel – Review

Our Score: 8/10

In Fobia- St. Dinfna Hotel discover the dark history of a fanatical cult and your part in their ambitions by exploring an opulent hotel over many historical periods.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel is a first-person survival horror game developed by Brazilian studio Pulsatrix Studios. Pulsatrix employs various innovative elements to make the experience seem fresh and distinct, drawing inspiration from titles such as Resident Evil VII and Village.

Hotel Cali-Fobia

Roberto, a private investigator inquiring into many local disappearances caused by cult activities. Roberto receives a request from a hotel employee to visit the St. Dinfna Hotel. He learns from the source that the hotel is connected to the disappearances. However, things quickly change as Roberto checks himself into the hotel. After experiencing some unusual occurrences in his hotel room, Roberto passes out and awakens there.

Fobia staircase

In addition to the hotel being in ruins, Roberto discovers a mystery youngster wandering about wearing a gas mask as he exits his room. Worse still, creatures prowl the hotel. Fobia makes a sincere effort to present an engaging narrative, but sadly, it’s confusing and leaves a lot of stuff out.

The many documents you may uncover scattered throughout the hotel explain the majority of what is happening in the tale. Fobia starts off strong and maintains a strong mystery. The sections of Fobia that involve exploring the hotel rather than blasting your way through it are by far the most intense.

Exploring Corridors

You must navigate the game’s passageways for the most of your time while you look for methods to go to the other floors. Finding elevator buttons and using them to navigate the building is the primary method of achieving this. But in planned scenes that significantly change the paths you can take, an unkillable creature pursues you. Although the hotel is small, the time spent learning about it is worthwhile.

The survival horror themes in this work obviously seem to have taken a backseat to the ones mentioned above. When you search the hotel, you’ll find a handgun, a shotgun, and a machine gun. Of course, you’ll also find a tonne of ammunition and healing supplies—three are required to acquire a complete heal item. Played in first person, shooting is flawless at Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel.

Fobia’s usage of a digital camera is one amazing accomplishment. A special lens on the camera enables it to view objects from a different time. You can watch the camera via a night vision perspective by just pressing the left d-pad button, but what’s more astounding is that it transforms the space in real-time.When viewed via your camera, a wall that is in your way can appear to be shattered, allowing you to pass through it as though you were passing into another realm. Some spaces may transform entirely from a bedroom to a mortuary.

Looking Through the Lens

Fobia Camera

Fobia is visually very good. There are several intricacies and characteristics throughout the motel. Additionally, object physics is quite cool. Pencils may be seen moving inside drawers. And can be picked up and studied to show off some finer features. The lighting in the game is also fantastic, and it supports ray tracing. But even without ray tracing, the game looks quite good.

The majority of the vocal work is fairly good, but the ambient sound effects stand out the most. The rain pelting against the hotel windows as you play with your headphones on adds a lot of atmosphere. Even in the narrative, there is a passage where you can hear voices all around you, which may be rather unsettling to hear.

Final Verdict

Fobia- St. Dinfna Hotel is a great indie horror game that will appeal a lot to fans of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It’s got the feel and gameplay loop similar to that. However, it isn’t perfect so do keep that in mind. But the game still has some fun and interesting mechanics that feel unique. It stands out from it’s inspirations in that way.

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