The Guild 3 – Review

Our Score: 7/10

An intriguing commerce and living simulation set in the late Middle Ages is The Guild 3. Put yourself in the position of a citizen, own houses and enterprises, make and sell items, become involved in political and social intrigues, and experience both happy and terrible times.

The Guild 3- Character

Build the Guild

Beginning around 1400, it takes place during the Middle Ages in various parts of Europe. a time when the reign of the church and the nobility would come to an end. A period when the first free, rich cities with burgeoning trade would emerge. You’ll find your wealth tucked amid the city’s winding cobblestone lanes and the dusty trails leading beyond the city. You’ll start your ancestry as a simple commoner at the bottom, with just one company.

The Guild 3- Town

Sadly, there isn’t much of a narrative to follow you as you expand your corporate empire. Instead, you’ll have to deal with opposing families in this business management game and use your abilities to escape awkward circumstances. Still, as you play, you realise that this is exclusively focused on repetitive acts that only show through experience, money, and influence increases, not through any significant character interactions.

The Gold Game

The road to success begins with the choice of game conditions. Before we start the game, we have to determine our character’s appearance, dynasty colors, and, of course, the city where we have to move up. Then, from external components, we smoothly pass to practical matters. For example, the initial capital and position in society, whether to start as a poor man with a couple of pennies in his pocket or as a city dweller with some capital. And although it’s not at all necessary to start from the social bottom and discover the fascinating world of begging, it’s much more fun starting from the bottom.

The Guild 3- Grave

It’s also worth noting the conditions for victory in The Guild 3: whether it will be the achievement of absolute power over the region, the receipt of a valuable fortune, or, say, outstanding economic achievements. But the primary choice will be that of your starting skill, which will determine what you will do at the beginning of the game. You’ll have your choice of professions from fishing or farming if you like to provide food for the city’s inhabitants.  You can also provide medical services through herbalism or manual labor via pottery or copper processing.

While The Guild 3 might become repetitive at some points, players will discover gorgeous, middle-aged European cities in The Purple Lamp and GolemLabs game, where people are moving around, speaking, and exchanging goods. The builders succeeded in creating towns full of life, even when things seem extremely monotonous, creating a world where things are occurring even when you’re just hanging around doing your own thing. Higher game speeds will lessen the tedium there, but it’s worthwhile to slow down the action to see how these lovely towns develop.

Final Verdict

The Guild 3- Stats

The Guild 3 is a fun and intriguing game that has a wonderful setting and enough variety to keep you hooked on it.

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