Madshot – Review

Our Score: 7/10

Madshot is a rogue-lite shooter that moves fast and furiously. Endure the arduous journey through Cthulhu and beyond. As you battle your way through horrifying enemies and multi-phased boss confrontations, equip countless upgrade combinations.

The Start of Madness

Madshot- Bat

A cinematic with still pictures of a guy clutching a deceased lady in his arms—likely his wife—plays at the start of the game. The guy, overcome with sadness, dons a mask and invades the Eldritch Mountain in pursuit of eternal life. Cthulhu sits atop the Eldritch Mountain. We can only suppose that Cthulhu is as powerful as he is in H.P. Lovecraft’s writings since Cthulhu is typically portrayed as a cosmic being with unfathomable power.

Sadly that’s all there is to the story. At the moment it gives you a brief idea of your character’s motivation. But other than that it’s very barebones. And I wish as time goes on, they add more plot to the story. Because there can be a lot of interesting takes and story beats that can be thrown in.

Control Your Fear

Madshot- Shadow

The game’s combat has been well polished by the creators. Penalising players who remain still and fail to adjust to its fast-paced, acrobatic, and action-oriented gameplay. In my perspective, this factor increased complexity and difficulty. I like how they created a level that allows you to move around, hurl objects at foes, and use every advantage possible while playing the game.

The fact that each run in this game is different due to luck and random number generation is another aspect I liked. The excitement you get from making a run according to what the game decides to offer you is definitely addictive and makes you want to play more. Even though I personally believe that there are some balancing issues between weapons and some of the upgrades, the gameplay is tight, feels excellent overall, and the mechanics are well-rounded.

Look Into the Abyss

Madshot- Library

It’s a lovely touch that the images have distinct lines separating the foreground from the backdrop, giving them the appearance of hand-drawn artwork. The user interface is nothing exceptional, yet it serves its purpose by being orderly and tidy. Nothing in the UI is over the top, yet you can see everything since there are several visual cues that show you when and where opponents will emerge. The “Great Ones” in particular have monstrous patterns that are striking and do a great job of giving you an otherworldly feeling.

While doing flips and taking out foes as you advance through the game, the background music in Madshot strikes hard and will have you headbanging. Making these fresh and fashionable maneuvers gives you an adrenaline boost. Rock-metal music dominates the background score, which will keep you killing more foes.

Final Verdict

Madshot is a game with a lot of promise for early access. We can only hope that the creators constantly release content updates for the game before completely releasing it, considering its replay value and the entertaining and intense fighting.

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