Genshin Impact Events: All Current and Upcoming Events for 2.8 and 3.0 Updates

The official Hoyoverse site for the 2.8 version update is now live with all the info on the update. The leaks for 3.0 has revealed plenty of data for players to marvel at the exciting events awaiting them. Read below to find the list of Genshin Impact events in updates 2.8 & 3.0.

Genshin Impact Events

Genshin Impact 2.8:

  • Summertime Odyssey Main Event: Summertime Odyssey revolves around the character Fischl as she receives an important letter and embarks on a marvelous adventure in the Golden Apple Archipelago alongside the Prinzessin der Verurteilung. Similar to other events, “Summertime Odyssey” is the main event page where players can be redirected to other mini-events.


  • Resonating Visions Event For Fischl’s Outfit: Collecting the necessary number of Phantasmal Conches will reward players Fischl’s outfit for free, along with Primogems, Mora, and Level-Up Materials.


  • Surfpiercer Event Involves Sailing Game Mode: Surfpiercer requires players to utilize Genshin Impact’s Waverider to sail through an obstacle course to reach their destination. There will be different requirements that must be met before reaching the endpoint. Reach the finish line within the required time limit to win maximum rewards.


  • Phantom Realms Event To Invite Fischl: Completing “Phantom Realms” challenges will reward Iridescent Flotsam. Players will need this currency in order to invite Fischl to their team. Additionally, Iridescent Flotsam can be exchanged in the Event Shop for rewards such as Crown of Insight, Character Level-Up Materials, and Talent Level-Up Materials.


  • Reminiscent Regimen Co-Op Event: “Reminiscent Regimen” is a Co-Op specific event. This means players will need to look to Genshin Impact’s Co-Op Mode in order to participate and successfully complete the challenges. This event will include multiple game modes and each game mode will have its own specific goals that must be met in order to complete the challenge and obtain all possible rewards.


  • Hidden Strife Features Diluc’s Red Dead Of Night Skin: In “Hidden Strife,” players will be able to test out Diluc’s new outfit in Genshin Impact. This outfit, Red Dead of Night, will contain new effects and animations in addition to the new clothing. This will be the first 5-star rated outfit released.


  • Evermotion Mechanical Painting Event: In “Evermotion Mechanical Painting,” players will need to help Felix Yogue, a person from the Court of Fontaine to repair his mechanical board. The challenge will be successfully completed once all the cogs are rotating properly. Players will be able to earn Primogems, Character EXP Materials, Mora, Weapon Ascension Materials, and the Evermotion Mechanical Painting Furnishing for Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot.

Genshin Impact 3.0:

  • Carving of Innocence event: The Carving of Innocence event is the main event in Version 3.0, according to Genshin Impact leaker @BLANK who said, “The staff of Acara Crafts, a toy store in Port Ormos, are preoccupied with the hindered development of new toys. (See you Collei in Mondstadt during the new Festival!)” Earlier it was thought that Trawler fish-bow will be the event reward. The leaked description of the Genshin 3.0 Carving of Innocence event says:  “The staff of Acara Crafts, a toy store in Port Ormos, are preoccupied with the hindered development of new toys. During the event, help the staff find assistants and collect inspiration regarding toy-making to obtain “Inspiration Drafts” and “Creative Notes,” which can then be exchanged for materials in the Event Shop.” Players need not complete the 3.0 Archon Quest “The Trail of the God of Wisdom” to participate in this event as “Basic Mode”  will allow players to play without the need to complete it.


  • Lost Riches and Tablet Analytics event: Leaks are yet to reveal detailed info on the Genshin 3.0 Lost Riches and Tablet Analytics event, but we do know that players will get to participate in both events in the upcoming patch. Then the leaked Genshin 3.0 Lost Riches event description says: “In the wilderness of Sumeru, a person named Ulman seems to be troubled by something…”


  • Genshin Impact 3.0 Murkwood Fungal Feather event: The leaked 3.0 Murkwood Fungal Feather event description reads: “The proud lord of fungal beasts that lives in the heart of the woods and in the company of its kin. It dreams of a day when the whole world, shall be covered in spores.” Leaks have also revealed that this event will be similar to the 2.3 event in Dragonspine.


  • Genshin Impact 3.0 Rumbleflower event: Players will be on the Bizarre Adventure to fight against a gain power and the new Electro Regisvine enemy, and the leaked 3.0 Rumbleflower event description says: “You hear the rolling of thunder on a sunny day. Trace the sound to its source and one will find a bizarrely-shaped plant that does not blend in with its surroundings. Brave the surge of electric charges and defeat the Electro Regisvine.”


  • Genshin Impact 3.0 Dharma Forest event: This event might introduce the new Rainforest area of Sumeru to the players. The leaked event description of Dharma Forest reads: “The fragrant wind comes from the west of the rainforest, carrying stories that have never been heard. The kingdom of wisdom sleeps soundly under the green veil, and all creatures sing under the cleansing of rainwater. Among the luxuriant branches and leaves, unfolds the new chapter of the journey.”


  • Genshin Impact 3.0 Chronicle Trials event: The leaked Genshin 3.0 Chronical Trials event description reads: “The former uncrowned king of yuanxia palace is waiting for the challenge of the brave. Knock down “deep sea dragon lizard biting ice” and “deep sea dragon lizard tunlei” to prove your bravery.”


  • Genshin Impact 3.0 Sabzeruz Festival: Leaks have revealed another Genshin 3.0 Sabzeruz Festival and we will get the Mondstadt Wind and Wine festival in version 3.1, and Sabzeruz Festival in version 3.0.


And that’s it for the upcoming Genshin Impact events! Be sure to check out Respawn Island for more news and guides for your favorite games. Looking to see if there are any games that catch your attention? Take a look at our game reviews!

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